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The Best Finasteride Protocol To Avoid Side Effects *My Opinion

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Check out my final hair transplant and topical dutasteride journey

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Topical dutasteride journey 

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Hey Melvin, 


thanks for the informative video! 
After my transplant I want to start with topical finasteride. I have read some studies about it and for me it shows that the best is to use 0.1ml of a 0.030% solution every day to minimize the side affects and to maximise the results. I bought the 0.25 % solution from actimed and I want to dilute it to get 0.030%. As I want to test the results of finasterid I do not want to mix it with minoxidil. Do you or anyone else know what I can use for dilute. In the Internet (mattdominace) advise to mix it with Stemoxydine 5%. What du do you guys think? Sorry for my English!

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I once said Dutasteride 0.5mg lowered scalp DHT by 51% and i thought it was 1mg Finasteride that lowered it by 41%. It seems i was mistaken and it stated 5mg Finasteride for comparison. 

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6388756/#:~:text=A related clinical study stated,DHT levels by ~41%.&text=Our results proved the efficacy,in the nosogenesis of AGA.

That's the clinical study that cites a related study. 

I think we all have a different tolerance of how much DHT our bodies need to function and hence why some get more side affects than others when it's reduced but even 51% isn't going to cut it for those with very aggressive hair loss as a result of the natural scalp DHT resistance being lower in the frontal portions to midscalp and crown. 

Hopefully there's much more efficacious treatments coming soon with less side affects. Honestly, i would prefer to switch if theh were as effective or more than Dutasteride and regain the DHT and some of the positive aspects it does give again BUT to be absolutely clear, i am also more than happy living with the current status quo and it only has a marginal and fully acceptable difference for me. 


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