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Final results after a year

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Hey everyone over the past 10 years ive had 3 fue transplant first two were about 1000 grafts and last one was 2000 altogether a little more then 4000 grafts.  All in all im not to pleased with the overall results and ive always worn my hair a little longer to cover up me balding. Recently ive been wearing hats none stop due to my donor looking depleted on the left side and I feel the implanted hair stick straight up and is a different texture so its hard for me to grow it too long without looking funny.  I was just seeing if there is anything i can do now, i had alot of side effects on nizoral and minoxidil so finasteride is out of the question. Ive tried microneedling which idk if its working much.  Just wanna be comfortable with my hair but dont feel it looks right. Any recommendations would be helpful.  I dont know if I could get a repair that woulr fix this plus my donor hair is very sparse now.









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You're options are giving up on addressing your hair loss, continue getting more hair transplants, or starting to manage your hair loss at the source with a DHT blocker and re-evaluate in a year. And manage your expectations properly with finasteride, don't expect it to help you regain alot of hair. Some guys that jump on finasteride back in the early days of their loss are able to gain some of it back, but you've been loosing for years. Which means your best realistic hope is that it will stop your hair loss from getting worse, or slow it down considerably so that you need much less hair transplanted in the long run. 


17 hours ago, Steele114 said:

I was just seeing if there is anything i can do now, i had alot of side effects on nizoral and minoxidil so finasteride is out of the question.


Ruling out starting finasteride because you had side effects on nizoral and minixodil doesn't make any sense. Minoxidil just enhances the growth of existing hairs until you lose them and nizoral is a very weak DHT blocker at best. Even if you were able to take them both without side effects, they do almost nothing to treat the underlying reason you are continuing to lose hair. If you are going to bother with trying to address your hair loss with medication you have to start with a DHT blocker like finasteride or dutasteride as your foundation. If you don't respond well enough, or end up being one of the minority that gets side effects, realize its probably not worth bothering with other treatments. Microneedling, laser caps, nizoral, etc,  are marginally effective when compared to blocking the DHT with finasteride.



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One more thing, you have your hair in these pictures at one of the most unflattering lengths. Having it buzzed down like this makes any hair loss look worse. Grow it out, that's how hair transplants work their magic, creating an 'illusion of density'. 

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If you could try fin you might find that it would work without side effects. Please note that I'm not a doctor so it's not medical advise but you could ask your specialist about the dose to start in a safe manner.

For what I can see on the photo's is a good spread of the hairs, as it's this short then it will look much thinner than it is when you grow it a bit longer and style it upwards. Also, the photo's seem to be taken in the bathroom with a bright light source?

As an example what lighting can do, see the photo below of Elon Musk (please note, the before is after Transplant #1 and after is Transplant #2, Dr. Gary Linkov has a video about it) and take note of his hair on the after photo on the side of his head which is clearly see through when it's short. Also, Musk always wears his hair upwards. I style it upwards as well (sides as front) as it creates the illusion of a full head of hair from the sides.

Please note, I used musk as an example for this particular thread as I've seen his sides to be a bit less dense from time to time. No other reason :) 


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