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Vellus to terminal?? 28yr M


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After starting finasteride, minoxidil/retinoid, stemoxydine and microneedling. I have what appears to be vellus hairs on the temples could they become terminal?? Or is that a vast overreach??

1st pic 19th Oct temples

 2nd pic 5th of Nov temples

3rd pic zoomed out. Is 7th-7th I got the date wrong

4th crown showing colourless hairs which makes me wonder if temples are vellus or just fair in colour too?

Hair loss history. Early 20s 20/21/22 was already heavily receded (think Jude law but thickness intact) stayed till around 2018, I went on SARMS(stupid I know) but after massive thinning,slight gyno and gaining ≈13kg(26lbs). I believe they were more likely relabeled steroids. 2019/20 took voluntary redundancy, and went back to uni during lockdown with all the involved stress. So I don't know, if it will be a different recovery than  those naturally losing hair🤷🏻‍♂️?

Late September 2021 started full routine





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That photo of you before and after between 7/10/21 and 8/11/2021 is incredibly encouraging. Even more so because you are talking about a time frame of only four weeks. i would expect to see this in a responder at 6 months. My opinion is that you should continue with this for at least another 6 months and share your updates on a monthly basis here on the forum. Only by documenting in this way can you tell how great a response you will achieve. Thanks for sharing!

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Off to see the trichologist tomorrow, so as you do, inspect every inch of your scalp in the run up🤣🤦‍♂️

Crown looking sparse from a distance.

But zoomed in is a whole other story!!! (Front is still the same only with longer vellus hairs)



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7 minutes ago, BlokeFromStoke said:

Had comment at work it's improving but not sure if most from photos is length+ angle🤔🤷🏻‍♂️ 19/10/21 Vs 18/11/21



Assuming the top picture is the latest picture, seeing definite improvement in the middle and frontal areas already. Looks like you're a good responder, keep it up. 

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