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Looking for a possible FUE, I'm not sure what the latest options are

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Some 12 years ago now I had an FUT with Dr Melike in Turkey. I blogged about it here and my results were pretty good. I always intended to have a follow up FUE to thicken things up and help hide the FUT scar and other scars I have on my head.

For one reason and another I never got around to the FUE. I remember that the latest at the time were surgeons offering FUE without the need to shave your head. Did that trend carry on? Are there other treatments that are more effective now?

I'm thinking that this Christmas I might actually get around to it finishing things off. Please let me know what the latest advice is. I'm happy to travel in Europe COVID permitting.

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Just had a look at your results, looked like a pretty good outcome. Could you post some pics of your current situation to see how well the transplanted hair and your own native hair has held up over the past 12 years, as well as some other details such as your age and whether or not you have been using meds?

It helps to advise you with your next procedure of course, but also there aren't enough long term results for people to see generally speaking, so it's always interesting and valuable when people such as yourself can offer some insight into the long-term. 

Yes, unshaven FUE is an option, but do you mean completely unshaven in the donor and recipient or just recipient? Both are available from some surgeons, and both are generally more expensive, but with completely unshaven harvesting you can only really do small procedures limited to say 1000-1500 grafts or so from what I've seen. Whereas shaven donor but untouched recipient you can do pretty much the same as regular FUE in one sitting. 

FUE and FUT are still the only two used techniques, no real new 'treatments' in that regard. The only thing that really has changed since 2009 in regards to this really is that FUE has come on quite a lot and is now a very reliable technique - equally so to FUT - in which thousands and thousands of grafts can be harvested safely in one session, and it has become the most popular method since then too. 

My personal favourite list of docs in Europe these days by country: Dr. Bisanga, Dr. Feriudini, Dr. Lupanzula (Belgium), Dr. Bruno Pinto, Dr. Bruno Ferreira (Portugal), Dr. Rafael De Freitas, Dr. Ximena Vila, Dr. Couto (Spain) - somewhere to start.

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Some current photos would be good, where do you live? There are good surgeons everywhere, you might not need to travel to Europe if you’re in the US.

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