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Hairline Natural Result with 2720 FUE grafts – HDC Hair Clinic

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This patient is 47 years old and wanted to restore his hairline with a natural looking result. He focused on naturality and not necessarily on density as some younger patients do. He had temporal recession and thinness behind his front turf.

Naturality means to really look at an individual’s face and be able to build a hairline that suits that person individually. You can throw a million graphs on Anybody’s head but if you don’t know which direction the hair is supposed to grow, what types of hair is supposed to be on certain places, a thick head of hair doesn’t mean anything If everybody is looking at you for the wrong reasons.

So, Dr Maras and the rest of the medical team of HDC Hair Clinic, did exactly what the patient wanted. We used only 2720 grafts to complete the job.

You can see all the detail of the work in the post op photos and the correct position of the hairline.









Immediately after






9 Months after







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Giuseppe Grezzi 

Representative of HDC Hair Clinic and  Head  Hair transplant Technician

Email : giuseppe@hdc.com.cy    Whatapp +357 97 741250   HDC Whatsapp +357 99 205741

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Always proud with the clinic's work

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Doron Harati - Patient coordinator for HDC Hair Clinic, HT procedures are done by MD Doctors with Microscope FUE.

For consultation contact me: WhatsApp +972526542654


HDC Instegram: https://instagram.com/doronhairadvisor_hdc?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

* All comments from this account should not be taken or construed as medical advice, all comments are only the personal opinions of the poster.

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