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Dr. Robert Dorin ~ 1754 Graft FUE ~ 4 month progress

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I like to post early growth examples periodically as I think prospective and newbie patients have a hard time visualizing interim results.  There's definitely variety in terms of response time but typically growth emerges between 2 - 6 months.

Here you see early framing after 16 weeks.  Dr. Dorin performed a hairline FUE of 1754 grafts consisting of 397 singles, 1086 doubles, 271 threes.

Bio-adjuncts:  PRP intraoperativley and liposmal atp post-operatively.

More to come!

4mthfue (3).JPG

4mthfue (18).JPG

4mthfue (9).JPG

4mthfue (5).JPG

4mnthfue (1).JPG

4mthfue (11).JPG

4mthfue (4).JPG

4mnthfue (2).JPG

4mthfue (10).JPG

4mthfue (1).JPG

4mthfue (16).JPG

4mthfue (7).JPG

4mthfue (2).JPG

4mthfue (15).JPG

4mthfue (8).JPG

4mthfue (6).JPG

4mthfue (17).JPG

4mthfue (12).JPG

4mthfue (14).JPG

4mthfue (13).JPG

VP Patient & Media Relations for The Hair Loss Doctors by Robert J. Dorin 



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I met this patient during my recent visit to Dr. True and Dr. Dorin's office. Thanks for sharing @orangehair. The results are even better in person. I could not believe it had only been 4 months with such phenomenal results. This is a true testament to the skillset of Dr. Dorin.

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My advice does not constitute a patient-physician relationship nor as medical advice and all medical questions/concerns should be addressed to your medical provider. 

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Great early growth. Excited to see his updates.

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