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Good (best?) all-purpose DHT blocking and hair-growth supplement?

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Hey all!

Till now, I've been treating my light hair loss with topical products only- Nizoral and a LLLT helmet. I can't do vasoldilators (Minoxidil, etc.) and have not wanted to go with finasteride. So far I seem to have stopped the loss but have not experienced any regrowth (helmet has been for 8 months, for what that's worth.)

I don't want to go with anything internal with serious potential side-effects, but I realized recently I should probably at least be doing something on the internal side along the lines of saw palmetto, pumpkin seed oil, biotin, etc., but I started searching and of course my head started spinning with the options!

These days, is there an all-in-one supplement that you guys prefer? Something that hits all the major marks, has good reviews, and basically allows me to do the standard level of blocking and growth promotion I should be doing without going more hardcore (fin, etc.)?

Thanks so much!!

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You can try azaleic acid, castor oil, emu oil, pumpkin seed oil. But none of these things will be anywhere near as effective as fin.

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Sure. Was wondering though if anyone uses a supplement that combines some of the best so I don't have to go experimenting with/purchasing many supplements. I see so many compound products for sale, figured there were preferred ones.

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1 minute ago, asterix0 said:

Unfortunately Melvin is correct. I have tried practically every supplement, topical, natural treatment under the sun and nothing worked besides actually drugs like fin and min.

Yup for now the classic Fin/Minox is the best proven treatment we have 👌

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