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  1. Just tried the stuff. Yes, it covers. But it also is nasssssty. 1. By the end of the day my fingernails are near black from just regular hair touching. 2. I have to use a bunch of the stuff to get any results (I'm only a Norwood 1.5 in the temples and 3 in the vertex.) At $38 a bottle, not ideal. 3. Clean up. Oh my God. My sink area looks like an oil spill area when I run water around it to clean up. Are there any products people recommend as an alternative? I don't mean another keratin powder that'll basically do the same thing, I mean some entirely different style of product that perhaps works differently to thicken. Thanks all!
  2. Hey guys! Haven't checked in on "the scene" in a number of years. I remember of course from back in the day there were only three tried and true, clinically-proven solutions and of course you all know what they are! I use Nizoral religiously and have been for years- stopped my hair loss dead in its tracks. Minoxidil gives me atrocious headaches, can't do it. Finasteride has too many potential side effects for me to take. (Personal choice, not worth debating.) I was wondering if in my absence anything else has come around with the same levels of proven efficacy. Obviously the nets are full of hokum and snake oil, and I have no interest in burning 3-6 months trying the latest and (not so) greatest fake reviews on Amazon are trying to sell me. Thanks so much all!
  3. Hey guys, I realize this question is probably almost impossible to answer, but figured I would try nonetheless. Certain celebrities seem to have had very successful HTs- Ben Affleck, Edward Norton, and Daniel Tosh come to mind. Now, granted, I'm not seeing them up close and am going off of the camera, but even in HD and in bold lighting the results seem great. Given they have effectively limitless funds, I assume they went to the best of the best. I also assume they'd never in a million years disclose who it was or that they did it (with the exception of Tosh, who talks about it all the time.) So my question is, is there in fact a "doctor to the stars" when it comes to this? Have any celebrities (like the ones above) with successful HTs been provably linked to a certain doctor, or have come out and just said it? Thanks!
  4. Hey all, a few years back I started browsing around for options, and I remember at the time the Dr.s who consistently came to the top were: H&W Shapiro Feller Rahal I was wondering if these were still considered the best of the best, if the list has changed in your opinions, if promising newcomers have entered the fray, etc. Really appreciate your help! -BB
  5. Yeah, for what it's worth, I'm effectively saying "fully aware the Big 3 are the standard ticket and most effective. Am using one so far just fine (Niz). Won't touch another out of (call it irrational) fear. And the third I was totally gung ho but jesus did it mess with me- and hard -the first two times I put it on. So what else can I do to at least stabilize or improve the situation without the miraculous results those two can provide?" If said results are much smaller, so be it, but I'm willing to at least do *something* to improve the situation, especially if ti can stabilize if not regrow. Also, FYI, I'm barely even on the Norwood scale- you can see some thinning at the crown and a little at the temples, but that's it. Recession has been very gradual over the past ten years. So if I can maintain that more or less till transplant time , that'd be a success.
  6. Do you know of any combo supplements that contain many of the top ones, perchance? I know there are some sold on Amazon but wasn't sure what's considered good on here. Obviously 1-2 pills a day is preferred to 5-10
  7. Thanks!!! Is there any sort of hierarchy to supplements (much like there are 3 canonical treatments)?
  8. Hey guys, so here's my status on the Big 3: 1. Niz: just started using twice a week 2. Fin: too much risk for me to take (not worth addressing, move along ) 3. Min: so I just tried this yesterday and there's no way I can use this. Massive headaches, lightheadedness, and dizziness both times I've applied it (it was 5% Rogaine liquid.) I'm writing this now about 24 hours after my last application and I still feel about 40% of the symptoms. It was BAD. And immediate. For what it's worth, I'm also using Nexxus Vitatress shampoo and scalp creme- those two are great. So I need to now figure out what I can/should take to ensure the best results. Min is out of the question, even at a 2% solution. You know how sometimes your body tells you, in no uncertain terms, THIS SHOULD NOT BE HERE? That's how I felt with this stuff- it feels like poison. So what else should I do? I haven't done any nutritional supplements yet since I didn't want full-body hair thickening/growth, but maybe it's time (Biotin? MSM?) Any alternatives to Min out there that are showing promise and are known for not having side effects? These are basically the questions I have- what can I do to ensure as much as thickness as possible given the above constraints, till one day maybe a transplant ? Thanks all! (Oh, and please, please avoid commentary on why I should in fact take Fin or Min- consider them off the table for me. Thanks.)
  9. Hey guys! So after plenty of research and lots of less-than-successful experience with simple shampoos, I've come across and decided to try some of the big 3 regimen. Specifically, minoxidil and a ketoconazole shampoo. Am not game to do anything internal at this point like fin. The problem is there are now several options and I wanted to get people's opinion on here: Min- Do I go for Rogaine, one of the Kirkland Select generic ones, or Lipogaine? Ketoconazole shampoo- Do I go with Nizoral, Regenpure, or, once again, Lipogaine? I feel I'm now on the right track but, as always, at each step exist many options! Thanks!!!
  10. Thanks. As an aside, is there a standard thread on here comparing the general OTC options for minoxidil, like lipogaine (looks good?), regenapure, revita, etc.?
  11. Hey guys, this is sort of a backwards question: I've considered getting hair transplant down the road. In the meantime, my hair is very gradually thinning at the hairline and crown, but nothing terribly noticeable yet. I've tried some of the shampoos on Amazon without much success (not a surprise to many on you here, I'm sure). The next step would be Rogaine/Minoxidil, but I'm hesitant to go down even that path. I know there is a slight risk of hair loss from it (many on here would probably say there's no risk at all, not sure). To put it mildly though, topicals are absolutely as far as I'm willing to go right now- nothing internal like fin. Ok, that's the scenario. Recently my friend came to town and he had had transplant surgery in the past year. Looked pretty good. I noticed he was now applying Rogaine, and I asked him "oh, how long is that for?" and he goes "life." So I need to know after a transplant, what are you usually expected to keep taking? Because (and here's the crux of the question) if I'm slated to be on it for the rest of my life anyway, there's no logical reason not to start on it now pre-surgery and reap the benefits.. right? Thanks all!
  12. Does not explain the vast disparity in review averages for products claiming to do the exact same thing. Logically, general placebo phenomena would lead to an evening out of almost all reviews across all such products- not huge spikes for a select few.