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HT experience thread - 3500 grafts NW 6, Eugenix Mumbai (Dr. Arika Bansal)

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Hello all,


Just starting this thread to chronicle my journey of HT starting tomorrow.

Brief background - 34 yrs old male, started losing hair around age 28, did not previously try any therapy consistently. Currently NW 6, was recommended 3500 grafts (2500 scalp, 1000 beard) by Eugenix, and getting another 1000 grafts 6 months later for crown area. Undergoing HT tomorrow in Mumbai with Dr. Arika Bansal. The clinic was recommended by many esp given my relatively extensive hairloss without a robust donor area, so keeping my expectations tamed but fingers crossed!








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What I love about this case and am curious to see is the filling of a NW6 with 4,500 grafts (over 2 sittings) as is planned in this OP.

I have heard Dr. Arika say with confidence on a webinar with Joe Tillman and on a video conference call with me is how she can fill a NW6 with between 4,000-4,500 grafts- head size dependent.

We have already see examples close to this such as @Wandererindwho is (I should say 'was') a NW5+ who had head filled with less than 4k grafts (used a bunch on temple points).

Thanks for sharing @harryhouston! I am confident you will have an outstanding outcome!

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