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Donor area look

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Hello All,

I've been reading you guys quite a lot lately and you've been very useful in my research for a surgeon to perform my hair transplant.

I've narrowed my shortlist to just 2 options:

Hair dr in UK (comfortable solution as it avoids all the hassles related to travelling and quarantine and especially good results and quality)

Dr Bisanga (who seems to be one of the best in the game in Europe)

I had a consultation with the assistant of both the surgeons and I have a couple of questions for you more experienced people.

1. The first is about the donor area: the Hair dr clinic told me that, after my surgery (estimated to be around 2500 graft), I won't be able to cut my hairs very short in donor area otherwise it would be apparent the lower density of that area. On the other hand, dr Bisanga assistant told me that the donor area will be perfectly fine after the surgery (same grats# estimation) and nothing would be spotted thanks to the uniform harvesting they'll perform. What are your thoughts on that? Is dr Bisanga being too optimistic? Or maybe their technique allows to look after the donor area better? Maybe they have been very/too cautious/sincere at Hair Dr clinique?

2. The second question is more banal: which one of the 2 surgeons would you prefer? Is there a good reason to travel (and spend 3/4000 £ more) for dr Bisanga?

Many thanks for your help.


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How your donor will appear depends on the individual. If the extractions are carried out well it should blend in, and you’ll be able to wear a shorter hair style. However, don’t expect to shave it down and see no signs. 

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