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Fine hair , Norwood 3. Future HT. Friendly support. Pics icl

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I have done some research , I don't understand the more technical jargon when it comes down to transplants but I've spent enough time over the years on various different hairloss websites and watched pretty much every YouTube video on transplants and hairloss. 

Budget 4/6 £ 

Bicer / demirsoy 

Going to get my haircut today or tomorrow , so can upload fresh pictures if required. I do like long hair but not with a balding head, prefer to keep it short just got so long in lockdown and been to much of a puss to get it cut since reopening. 

Noticed hair loss at 20 , pretty much been a Norwood 3 since then but with more density back then , now 29 next month and looking to be out of the hat for 30. Didn't get on fin till I  found out about it aged 25. Been on/ off , currently be back on since February MWF .

Quality isn't the best , lost my phone the other day , so just off a standard tablet. 


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Where do you live? Have you consulted with any physicians? I suggest sending some free virtual consultations to get a general consensus for the number of grafts you need. Expand your horizons beyond Turkey. Dr. De Freitas is roughly the same price as the top clinics and Turkey, and his skill in my opinion is top-tier. That said, I like Dr. Bicer, she is definitely doing good work and she's the most affordable doctor hands down.



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Fine hair?  Be careful with FUE and harsh extraction methods.  See results with your exact hairtype first.  Out of body graft time is important.  Id limit exessive grafts and break this surgery up months apart rather than one go with a lot of grafts.  
best of luck— i had it bad as my first was a 3016 grafts session in a smaller frontal area dense packed.  It seems to have made things downhill

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