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Getting a 1800-2000 graft FUT on Tues June 1 with Dr. Dorin. I was supposed to participate in a 45-60 min Memorial Day wknd race on Sat but it has been postponed to Monday (day before surgery).  Dorin website says to stop exercising 3 days before surgery. What is the reasoning behind this 3 day window and what are the risks to my surgery if I participate in the race on Monday? Thanks!


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it probably will have no effect, but why risk it? sucks about the rescheduling but skip the race. If something goes wrong with the HT or you get undesirable results, you are never going to forgive yourself for doing the race. 

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Yeah, don't risk it.  Just say you pulled a hammy and go for a walk instead (wearing a hat to avoid sunburn).

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I've actually never heard of this pre-op guideline. I would ask the surgeon what the specific reasoning is for this rule, and see if they may go ahead and tell you it's fine under certain circumstances. Also - keep in mind, that every surgeon has their own unique guidelines in regards to the Do's and Don'ts of a procedure, and there isn't any universal list. So even though this surgeon may not recommend it, I imagine most other surgeons wouldn't consider this a risk. 

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