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  1. @Melvin-Moderator my doctor treated me with acell. If after a year, I am still left with some light scar, can I do acell once again over the scar, so that it becomes even lighter scar? Or is there a time beyond which getting more injections of acell won’t make difference?
  2. I had a surgery on dec 21. I wore a n95 mask, it did not cause any issues.
  3. There is one more suggestion from William Rassman, similar to one given by my doctor. - https://www.realself.com/question/london-gb-hair-wash-after-fue
  4. I just had a fut, I am copy some contents, Use a surgical sponge to lather up some Johnson baby shampoo, then squeeze the soapy water onto transplanted area being careful not to directly touch the sponge on the transplanted site. Gently rinse off with cold to lukewarm water using a cup to pour over the area. Be gentle when rinsing as the grafts can dislodge.then allow area to air dry.do not pat dry. Hair wash should only be 5 to 10 minute long.
  5. I just had a fut transplant. I am looking for best ointment to minimize width of scar and also to heal the wound as quickly as possible. I also want to know how many days after transplant i can start using them
  6. I am taking medication (finasteride and minoxidil). I myself feel that 25% of grafts have shed. So i agree with your assessment, hair from safe donor is also affected by bald gene to some extent. I plan to do acell or prp every year to maintain the hair, apart from medication.
  7. Hi All, What is the best credit card for hair transplant in US? I am using 2% double cash from citi. Is there any other good credit card. Does bank of America's cash reward card - switching to online purchase 3% also good for hair transplant?
  8. I googled and found this link - https://www.energy-delivery-solutions.com/products. I have a surgery coming up next week, wanted to check with the doctor about this Vitalise Wound Care Spray, but the front desk did not convey that information to doctor. They said its not necessary and they don't recommend. I have got hair transplant 3 times, first time with fue 70 to 80% planted hair survived after 2 weeks. I was spraying liposomal spray or something at that time. I was hoping to not shed hair this time after transplant. In a video I watched, one 60 year old guy said he is so positive, hai
  9. If I ever run into that situation again, will bribe the nurse by paying some money to plant the grafts. I will take some cash to give as tip to them if I see them stretching into night.
  10. This clinic in Europe sells it - https://zavimed.com/our-products/liposomal-atpv/ It says in the link that "ATPv should be stored in the refrigerator (2-8°C) and should never be frozen". I am worried it may not meet requirements during transit and get spoiled before I use it.
  11. I wanted to know if Eugenix clinic in India provide option of using ACell matrix or Amino fill during transplant. Like bathing hair follicles in acell matrix solution and in the donor site for quick healing?
  12. Is spraying saline water on recipient area for every 2 hours for approximately 7 days is right thing to do? I have done multiple hair transplants. So I asked the doctor who did the latest hair transplant if I should do that as it was recommended by previous doctor he was totally against it and said it could have adverse result.
  13. I have paid 1000$ booking fee in a clinic in bay area. They say the wait time is 8 months. Unfortunately I have to cancel twice because some other unplanned high priority task cropped up and its hard to estimate what is going to be my priority after 7 to 8 months.. Now the clinics say I have to wait until 2020. I now have to pay half the price of hair transplant to book appointment. The date, I am going to get is again after 7 to 8 months, which I may miss. I am not happy with the clinic policy that despite Doctor booked everyday for next 7 to 8 months, clinic is not ready to return my advance
  14. I was norwood 6 bald to begin with. My first 2 hair transplants done in India were failures. Only around 800 to 1000 hairs regrew out of 2 transplants.
  15. Hi All, I need additional 4000 grafts to cover my mid scalp and crown. I have almost exhausted my scalp donor hairs with 3 prior hair transplants. Dr Diep says possibly 2000 can be extracted from scalp using FUT. I am thinking of using 2000 beard grafts from Dr Sanusi Umar and so I plan to have hair transplant with both doctors in next 4 months. I plan to cover mid scalp from Dr Diep and crown from Sanusi Umar. I had prior hair transplant with Dr Diep and got decent results. Six months ago I booked date with Dr Diep and deposited 1000$ and my hair transplant is scheduled in M
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