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Really Bad Sunburn 7 months Post Op

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Hi all,

I had 400 grafts put in my crown almost 7 months ago exactly. I was in Chicago last week on vacation and it was scorching hot. While I put sunscreen all over my face, arms, neck, etc. - I honestly forgot and just didn't think about my crown at all, and I wasn't wearing a hat. I got burned 2 consecutive days in a row, and it is noticeably pink. 

I'm wondering if I have anything to worry about in terms of graft growth? I've read online sunburns can be an issue anywhere up to 4 months, but not sure if at 7 months I am in the clear? 

*I agreed with my doc that these 400 grafts would be a slight improvement, not perfection, bc my crown loss is somewhat "mild", and my doc didn't want to go all out on my crown now, if unfortunately I experience further crown loss down the road. Just pre-emptively mentioning that bc from the pics you may think there hasn't been growth, but there has been. My question is really focused on the sunburn and if it will effect the grafts that haven't popped yet. 







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Can you share who the doctor was?

400 grafts is typically what's needed for eyebrow restoration.  This will have NO impact.  

Now it is after the fact, so there is little you can do with regards to the sunburn. It is typically recommended you put sunscreen and a cap right after surgery to avoid the sunburn. This can typically lead to freckling.  But it's been 7 months so you should not be concerned.

Good thing it was only 400 grafts.  Otherwise you would have used a good percentage of your donor to an area no one will see. Some benefit mentally? Perhaps.  But a total waste none-the less.  Are you doing any type of medical therapy? I would strongly consider it now that you have committed to the area.  Consider.....say he placed them in a circular fashion on the area where you seem to be the thinnest.  But because you've shown the propensity to lose you will continue losing.  You do nothing to help prevent native loss and down the road you end up having a circle worth of hair and nothing around it - almost like a target.  Not only unnatural, but everyone will know the blunder the doctor made.  He did no you favors. 

Patient Consultant for Dr. Arocha at Arocha Hair Restoration. 

I am not a medical professional and my comments should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own. 

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@LaserCaps my question is really just the sunburn. so if anything it would impact freckling and not growth? and yea by 7 months I feel I am in the clear, but not totally sure. 

the dr is James Harris. I should have added, he did 1600 in the front as well which was the main point of the surgery. He actually was pretty against putting grafts in the crown, but conceded to 400. I just didnt want to go thru the stress of a ht in the front, when my crown was also slightly bothering me, so he said he would do 400. 

My reasoning is if my crown gets worse, I would 100% be getting a more complete crown HT anyway, so may as well add some grafts to the crown now, since I'd already be on the surgery table for the frontal area. 

I am on Dutasteride and haven't noticed further loss since I started on medication 3 yrs ago (I initially was just on Fin). 

Even if I have no further loss at all, I am tentatively planning on having a more complete crown surgery a few years, or more, down the line.  

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At 7 months it should be okay, but next time use a hat or use some sort of concealer. It will protect the scalp.

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