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Hair Transplant Surgery by Dr. Vories

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Wanted to share my experience with Dr. Vories. I had contacted him in September of 2018 for a consult but was unable to have surgery at the time due to my work schedule. Fast forward to October of 2020 when my schedule had let up due to the pandemic. I scheduled surgery for February, but was able to have the procedure performed in December due to a cancellation. I started losing my hair at age 19 and had followed along with the current trends in hair loss treatment from that age up until now at age 33. I’d say my hair loss had been slow. It wasn’t noticeable unless I combed my hair back. 

Dr. Vories performed a 2000 graft procedure on the hairline and frontal forelock. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience. He walked me through the whole procedure from beginning to end in October. He performed all extractions and transplantations himself. Two assistants counted the number of hair follicles on each graft as well as loaded the pen.  We started at 7 am and finished at around 2 pm, taking breaks after every 500 grafts were extracted and transplanted. 

I have attached photos from before surgery, 3 days post-op, 13 days post-op, and 162 days post-op. If you have any questions feel free to ask.













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I haven’t taken any medication. I took Propecia 8 years ago but had all the sides. I’m using Nizoral three times a week. I was using BPC 157 for three months for my gastrointestinal issues but as an added benefit decreased hair shedding dramatically. 

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This looks like some nice early growth not even six months in. I imagine the final result will be impressive. Congratulations, and I hope you'll share the final result with us.





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Awesome transformation, thanks for sharing. How does it look from the top?

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