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Sleeping with a headphone band at night after hair transplant

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I saw another post on here about headbands and it made me think of something i do when i sleep, which is wearing a earphone band to help me sleep.


Is this going to have an affect on the grafts? I've started wearing it around 3 weeks post hair transplant. And although I try to avoid it touching my grafts it does rest on the frontal ones throughout the night.

Am i being silly or is this going to be an issue at all? Image attached for reference.

Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 10.19.41.png

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In theory the grafts are well planted after a couple of days but imho I would not be applying pressure to something so precious that you have invested a lot of money into and can't replace. When you're sleeping and moving your head side to side the band will move - even if slightly - creating pressure. Long term it must have some sort of impact even if ever so slightly. Is there not another way for you to support the earphones? 

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After 10 days the grafts are securely anchored under the skin. You're at 3 weeks.So feel free to wear headbands, hats, beer helmets etc to entertain yourself while you wait for your growth to start in a few months.

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