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Is it normal to lose some thin, colorless hair?

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Is it normal to lose miniaturized hair at times? My hair loss is within the average (I see a maximum of 50 loose hairs per day) but from time to time I see some extremely fine and colorless hairs lost (around 1-3 hairs per day).

This is normal?

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And I will leave another question here. If my hair is thinning, will I notice an increase in hair loss? Or does the thinning happen without hair loss?

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There are two types of loss. The type you see and the type you don't see.  The type you see is normal shedding.

The follicle gets tired of producing hair and it takes a vacation.  This dormant period can take a few months.  You shed the hair.  Eventually the hair returns.  This will happen to every single hair in your head at different intervals and randomly.  So, when you see hair in the shower, sink, floor or pillow, relax. You already know this hair will return.  Hair loss is different.

Under a bright light look at the hair in your temporal areas.  Notice the shaft of the hair.  Some will be thicker, some thinner.  This process is called miniaturization. Eventually the hair dissipates and disappears.  The key is to do something before the hair is totally lost.

Post photos of your entire head.  I am certain other members would like to pitch in.

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True. If you are having hairfall then its completely okay. The roots are intact and the follicles will grow back. However, if the hair are miniaturizing then they will eventually disappear along with the roots. Therefore, you should consult your dermatologist and get a proper disgnosis.

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