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  1. Costco online pharmacy. $19 for a 3 month supply. And you can get the 1mg Finasteride to avoid having to quarter.
  2. You are forbidden from looking at yourself in any mirror for another 6 months. Obsessing and stressing over it will only lead to more than normal shedding. Typically the first growth starts at about 3-4 months with very fine caliber hair. The shaft then matures with time. I've seen cases in which the patient saw little to no change until a year after. These "late" bloomers can take 18 or more months to fully mature. Shampoo only cleans hair and does nothing to promote retention, enhancement or growth. Some shampoos contain Rogaine in them and, thus, can promote some type of improvement. Rely on Propecia, Rogaine, Laser and PRP.
  3. During a transplant procedure the doctor will carefully select the "hair" he needs. Hairline hair, for example, will be finer in caliber than the hair located in the mid scalp. Finer hair is typically harvested from behind the ear. Some will have one hair, some two and so on. If a 2 hair graft is selected and planted as such, it will grow as a 2 hair graft. That specific graft will not grow additional hair. But this does bring up a question. Say that two hair graft is split into 2) 1 hair graft. Would that 1 hair graft grow additional hair? I doubt it. What is transplanted is what will grow. So the site is made and the graft implanted. A crust forms. 7 or so many days later, the hair that came with the graft - along with the crust - will fall off. 3-4 months later the new hair will start coming in. The hair will be very fine and will continue improving. Matured results take 12-18 months. At that point the caliber of the hair will match that of the donor. The follicle still "thinks" it is in the donor area and will behave a such.
  4. Great question. A lot goes into it. And it's a shared responsibility...... First component is trust. Trust the doctor knows what he's doing and has an understanding of what needs to be done. Plenty of times I've seen doctors draw a hairline that is way too juvenile for the patient at hand. So, it is up to the patient to also recognize what's going on. So hopefully the consultant, staff and all involved have the sense to say something. Read up about the rule of thirds. It's funny how the human eye can catch things. When things are not in balance, people will question it. But there will always be adjustments so the hairline will remain pattern appropriate. A class 6, for example, does not have a hairline in the middle of the forehead. It should be well recessed with a stronger forelock. Keeping in mind the hair in the front grows forward at an angle, always stay a bit more conservative. Let it grow. A year later, if you still feel an adjustment is needed, you can return and lower. If you start out too low and then realize the mistake, it is very difficult to change. Educate yourself....
  5. Normal. Let it be. I would not even look at it until at least 6 months. Take a set of photos at that point. Repeat in 12 months and at 18. By that point all will have surfaced and mature. Stressing about it can only create other issues - like more shedding.
  6. This was the norm in the 90's and before FUE came into the picture. Back then, post MPRs, it was all about FUT. And most patients would keep their hair lengthy in the donor to make the scar inconspicuous. So the patient would go through the procedure and no one would say a word for at least 6 months. It was then you could start seeing a bit of a difference. Keep in mind the growth was so gradual you could really not tell much until a year later. By then you could see a marked improvement. Let's talk about co-workers and people that see you every day. This becomes you....and people can not tell. They do see a difference but can't pinpoint exactly what it is. Plenty of times I've heard, "you look thinner." For people that have not seen you in years, yes-they'll be able to tell something is up. But honestly, this is about you and no one else. Why worry about what people may or may not say? It's always been my view to tell people up front. "And, if you say anything about it, I'll punch you in the nose." That ought to take care of things.
  7. In the world of hair transplants 500, 1000 is not that much different. And now much less when you consider the densities doctors are achieving in a single procedure. The norm should always be - do as many as you can afford. Ask the doctors you are consulting with to show you photos of results with those graft numbers. That ought to help.
  8. It's only been 6 months. It does take tons of grafts to bring hairlines down - and to achieve density at the same time. Just a bit early....Let's give it another 6 months and re-post. Can't get over the naturalness.....
  9. Werewolf transformation! Awesome work and great result. Are you doing any type of medical therapy? Talk to the doctor about Propecia, Rogaine, Laser & PRP. I do have a question? Why so short in the back? The reason to do a procedure is for more hair, not less. But it is nice to have options...isn't?
  10. Restorsition.....Awesome word... Should be used from now on when things don't go the right way.
  11. It is a numbers game. How big is the practice? How many doctors are working there? How about staff? Nurses, techs? I gather we are talking about a practice with one doctor. I would rather have a doctor doing multiple cases than just one. This does bring up a few things worth discussing..... If he is doing 1 per day or per week or per month....Is that by design? Perhaps he is so bad at it - he just does not have any patients to work on. The more cases, the more experience. First thing I would do is ask about his credentials. Did he do a fellowship? Where did he learn to do this? (At a local library)? Let's get back to the number of cases. What type of cases? Perhaps he has 3 cases scheduled. One for a transplant procedure, one for an eyebrow case and one for a scar revision. If the practice is only doing 1 case a day, find out why.
  12. No, PRP is done very superficially and typically there is no local used. Yes, your forehead will swell. If it doesn't the PRP was not successful. This will last about a day, it is very short lived.
  13. I would try doing them the same day! That way you can take advantage of being under the local. If you've already had a transplant, I would do it as soon as the doctor gives you the OK. Two reasons for this. It can help bring in the grafts sooner and it can help reverse miniaturization. The sooner you do it, the sooner you can take advantage of the benefit.
  14. I can gladly call them on your behalf. Would you like me to do that? I can email you privately and give you the info......