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  1. I like the color hair you've chosen. Less contrast, looks fuller. I am glad you are on finasteride. If you do it again, concentrate on the first 1/2 starting in front. Continue medical therapy. You do keep your hair fairly long, why FUE? Just curious. You may want to have the doctor do PRP if and when you have a procedure done. This can help bring in the results in sooner but can also reverse miniaturization of the native hair.
  2. While I know nothing about Ireland, your post does bring up a couple of points. Most, like you, will look for clinics in your area. Makes sense. But you are going to perhaps invest thousands on yourself, be open to travel and increase your chances of a success. If the doctor in your area is good at what he does then this really becomes a moot point. The second point is a "not expensive" clinic. Can you hear the red flags and the sirens going crazy? You are actually playing with fire. Do you realize anyone can do hair restoration? All they have to do is read up on the subject and
  3. This is far more common than you think. Bacteria just crawls in on any of the apertures and there you go. Visit with your doctor so he can give you what you need. Some will use steroids, others will prescribe a medicated shampoo, etc. It is important you follow up with your doctor. At 3-4 months, you may also experience some pimples. A handful to a dozen is common. This happens because the hair is starting to grow and the gland block it. Just treat it like a zit with warm compresses and clean it. That should take care of the issue.
  4. There is always a better mouse trap. Or is there? For years doctors did MPRs..Then came the plugs. Then came mini-grafts, Follicular unit transplants, and now the semi-automatic/robotic. Making slits has been proven to work and doctors are now getting creative. Where I used to think it was a requirement to do multiple procedures to achieve density, now I find some truly innovative techniques that allow for a much fuller look in a single procedure. It is all about graft placement to achieve this shingling effect. A few years ago I visited with a group that used a semi robotic u
  5. The pandemic sure has put a monkey wrench on everything...that should be taken into consideration. Typically, however, post op visits are important - particularly if something is obviously wrong. That's at the very beginning. 3, 6, 9 and 12 month intervals are also important. Most agree you will not enjoy the full result of the procedure until a year post op. So say the results are noticeable bad, the doctor will be the first to say,...."but you never came to any of your post op visits." Not that anything could be done, mind you. But it is a defense mechanism all seem to have when someon
  6. A couple of things to consider. There seems to be extensive history of loss. And, if you've shown the propensity to lose, you will continue losing. That's a certainty. Fortunately you are still enjoying a lot of native hair. Like others have suggested, get on a medical regimen. Propecia, Rogaine, PRP and laser are the modalities we typically discuss when dealing with this debilitating condition. Most believe there is synergy when these are used simultaneously. And, it takes a good year to see what they can do. Your idea of just using meds for 1 year is a total waste of time and money. L
  7. Hello Ian and thanks for the update. I know you mean well - and may even be trying to help the doctor out with your feedback. The effect, however, is totally the opposite - at least in my opinion. Let me explain. Unless you did PRP at the time of the procedure, it really takes about 3-4 months for the hair to start coming out. And the quality is vellus-like. That is, it will be a good 6 months for you to tell if the work was any good. Further, it will take a full year to mature the hair and "really" be able to ascertain what you got. So your email is a bit preliminary. While t
  8. What an artist! Very intricate work....Natural results. It is always about results.
  9. Not with the amount of loss you have. I think it's important to recognize hair in the front grows forward at an angle. So., as the hair grows, it will automatically land about 1/2 lower. I have a question...... Why do you think you have your current hairline? The human body is fascinating. Acts, reacts, balances itself, etc. What you currently have looks natural and normal - because it is. And, it is all based on the pattern you're developing. If you are set on adding transplants to the front, despite everyone's suggestions, I would encourage you to move forward conservati
  10. You have a diffused pattern. It is a lot of loss and you are still a young. And, if you've shown the propensity to lose, you'll continue losing despite the salad you have chosen to do to help you retain. Honestly, take the avocado, put the oil on it and eat it. This is doing absolutely nothing for your hair. If it did, you would not be in this predicament. (You did indicate there is loss in the family - hereditary). There is a tendency for many to say "I am losing my hair." They are typically referring to the hair they see in the comb, sink, pillow. This is shedding and not loss. The
  11. I lose a patch of hear every day, at least that's what my wife says. LOL. Could be just a bad haircut. If look at the entire area, I would point out similar spots - not just the one you are concerned about. Areata? Maybe. Let your hair grow. If there is a patch, it will become very apparent and distinct. Have you ever had patches before? The hair can return...and the patch can reappear elsewhere. Right now it is doubtful...Perhaps you need to change barbers.
  12. I admit it, I color too. It is true, we want to look younger, (and the spouse does too). But there does come a time when you are just too old and the "paint" starts looking funny. At that point you start looking like a caricature. So you can start showing a bit of gray on the sides. A mark of "distinction" they call it. Yes, I guess that's appropriate. When it comes to white hair, it does help with the contrast issue and does help. It almost seems as if you have more. At a certain age, and this will depend on many factors, it is truly a balance between youthfulness and hair dens
  13. Seems you are in the early stages of loss....but wait, your temporal areas are receding - so perhaps a bit more advanced. 3? Visit with a professional so he can assess your case and give you a proper diagnosis. The whirl also seems to be a bit more advanced than 0 loss. The only thing getting in the way is the tons of hair you seem to have and how stark the color is. The more contrast, the more evident the loss is when, perhaps, there is no loss at all. Perhaps SMP or just a camouflaging agent would address that issue, (try Toppik). Side effects from Propecia/Finasteride are well doc
  14. The word "sometimes" comes to mind. There are millions of people in this earth so anything can happen. But typically, 3 months. The issue, however, is the fact the quality of the hair is different when it first starts. It is vellus-like. It then takes a full year to mature. Eventually the hair will match the characteristics of what you have in the donor, (as it is there if came from). Sometimes the hair can start growing from day 1. This just means this particular patient is ahead of everyone else by 3 months. But it means nothing. Sometimes it can take 12-18 months to get
  15. The basic premise behind this type of decision is directly correlated to how hair grows. Hair in the front grows forward, so does the hair in the mid scalp. As this happens, there is shingling - which allows for the illusion of density. In the crown, however, the hair grows differently. It swirls. We refer to this area as the whirl. Get a piece of paper and draw a dot. From the dot draw a a cross so that the dot is right in the middle of it. +. Imagine that being procedure 1. Turn the paper in a circular fashion only a few degrees and draw another cross. That would be procedure 2.
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