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  1. Thanks for the answer! The problem is, I only lose short hair. I lose about 30 short hairs a day, and only 1 or 2 long hairs. This is normal? Note: English is not my main language, some things I wrote here can be confusing, sorry!
  2. And I will leave another question here. If my hair is thinning, will I notice an increase in hair loss? Or does the thinning happen without hair loss?
  3. Is it normal to lose miniaturized hair at times? My hair loss is within the average (I see a maximum of 50 loose hairs per day) but from time to time I see some extremely fine and colorless hairs lost (around 1-3 hairs per day). This is normal?
  4. 19y, male. Is it normal to lose short hair? I shaved my head about 4 months ago and I see hairs smaller than an 2/3 (even 1/3) inch loose all over the place.