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Dr. Robert Dorin (True & Dorin) - 2376 FUT Post Operative Series NW4

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Looks as though this is going to turn out great as normal.You can tell you have arrived when you see the comb with the name of the clinic, now that is one i am going to get to work on.

On a separate point i recently had the pleasure of spending some extended time with Dr True in Amsterdam.yes , everyone knows what a great surgeon he is but he is so much more.It was great to hear how he developed his craft and how much time and effort he put in to his FUE work.I came away much wiser from our conversation.



Patient coordinator for Dr. Bessam Farjo who is an esteemed member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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Dear Mick,


Thanks for the kind words. The Amsterdam meeting was on of the best ISHRS meetings. You are fortunate in working with Drs. Farjo. Both are very important scientific leaders in this field as well as being very skilled surgeons.


All the best

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