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A red scalp is an implanted area

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Im after 92 days from my HT,

My scalp area in implanted area at temples are still red,

But no pain or something like that.

Whats it can be? Im very worried


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Redness can take several months to fade especially in lighter skinned men. It should continue to fade away over the next few months. As your hair grows in it won't be as noticeable anyway even it if takes longer to totally fade out. For right now just try not to worry about it and see how your hair grows in around it.

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If you are older - everything in your body takes longer to heal. From bruises to injuries to downright exercise.


Give it at least another 3 months before another assessment.


Looks like you are healing normally so, just try and not obsess.


Let us know down the road how it worked out!

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