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  1. thanks a lot guys! sure, ill update during next weeks!
  2. Hi, Im after 92 days from my HT, My scalp area in implanted area at temples are still red, But no pain or something like that. Whats it can be? Im very worried
  3. Thank you both! One more Q please, Is it normal to see a lot of transplant follicles falling out from root this period time? Im 55 days after HT
  4. Hi all. is it possible to use conseelar like toppik after HT? im now currently 8 weeks after my HT and i would like to know if its ok to use it on daily basis until grafts will grown up or there is any concerns. thanks for advance.
  5. first, thanks for your answer. im really hope that it will happen. i know that after 2-3 weeks its should happen. im now in week 4(=1 month). so, as per your words, it can be also after more then 1 month? i mean after 2 month (lets say), all the implanted grafts will start to fall out? its sign that i have good hair? bad hair? slow process?
  6. Hi all! i wanted to ask, if its normal situation that after 1 month from my HT, the follicles are still not fall out. maybe 10-15%. the rest are still growing up or most of them. please help!
  7. Hi! Im new here. I'm interesting in fue hair transplant. I know that there is a lot of clinic in europe and also the recommended doctors lists posted already in this site. But, actually, i would like to ask, if some one familiar with this clinic called estemylife(from Istanbul, Turkey). I know that the doctors are Hasan Huseyin Akil and Mehmet Akil. Thanks in advance.