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Clinic Using Stem Cell Therapy (Adistem)


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Interesting stuff. The procedure is sort of like prp, but really nothing like it. Ive never heard of this treatment before, and Id like to learn more, but I cant watch of the videos. No before or after photos are shown. Im not sure if I cant watch the videos because of my browser or the website is messed up.. Have you watched them?

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Just wanted to post the email I received from the doctor. Definitely will not be doing this procedure. Too much money for something that may not work.


My name is Grant Phillips and I am the Business Director of Returning Hope. I would first of all like to thank you for your enquiry on Hair Restoration utilizing stem cell therapy.


Returning Hope works with various medical institutions and doctors in Asia that actively provide adult stem cell treatments.


Currently our company has been working with Fat Stem Cell Technology to help patients, especially those looking for Hair Restoration therapy. Abdominal fat contains a highly effective type of stem cell, called Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs). MSCs are the same type of stem cells that are found in bone marrow, which have been used in bone marrow transplants for over 50 years. These cells are harvested from the patients abdominal region and re-administered to the scalp.


I have attached a diagram that I believe you will find useful regarding the Stem Cell Therapy process for Hair Restoration.


I have included some relevant infomation regarding the Returning Hope Hair Restoration process utilizing Adult Stem Cell Therapy:


??? The treatment involves 2 phases.

??? The first phase covers 3 days including the extraction of fat from your body to derive the stem cells.

??? The second phase covers 3 days approximately 3 months after the 1st phase.

??? The treatment includes a one year home supply of hair care and nutritional supplements tailored for your treatment

??? Cost of the treatment is USD 20,000 (travel cost excluded).

??? A deposit of 60% is required to confirm the treatment.

??? The therapy is generally booked within 30 days of receipt of payment.

??? The Hair Restoration treatment will take place in Seoul, South Korea.

??? You are required to book your own airfare & hotel (a preferred hotel listing will be sent to you for consideration).

??? Statistically, 80% of patients see some form of improvement but approximately 20% do not experience any change in their condition.

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$20 k for something that might work? for real?



What is their reasoning for the 20% it does not work on?


For the 80% it does work on, what are the results?


How large is the treated area and is there a noticeable difference?


For $20k the results better be comparable to at least a 6k graft HT

First transplant with karamikian 6/05, less than 1000 to my hairline, result was mediocre at best.

2nd HT with Feller 2/08, 3000+ to my front third.

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