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3717 grafts with Dr. Brandon Ross

Guest Dr. Brandon Ross

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Guest Dr. Brandon Ross

The gentleman is in his mid-50's and has had 2 procedures for a total of 3717 grafts. The grafts were spread evenly throughout the entire top of his head.














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This is the nicest result I've seen of yours Dr. Ross. You say that you spread the grafts evenly throughout the entire bald area, but it appears as though more grafts were placed in the front and mid scalp region than in the crown. If the grafts were placed at X number per cm2, then shouldn't he have even density throughout the area? All in all, a very nice result, but I would like to understand why the front and mid scalp appear thicker than the crown.

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Looks real nice; would love to see graft placement if you have. Either way, however the grafts were spread it's allowed him to style his hair nicely and achieve a real good look.


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