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How long to back to work ?

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The length of time your recipient area will remain red really depends on your skin. In my case, I have fair skin and I had redness for over 3 months. (Of course, over that time, the area had faded from red to varying shades of pink). Some people seem to only have noticeable redness for a couple of weeks and can get away with hiding their transplant a lot more easily when they go back to work.


With respect to scabbing, people who's physicians recommend a more conservative approach to scrubbing/cleaning, seem to have scabs that last longer.

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Heal time varies from person to person, but also from doctor to doctor. Look at all Cooley's patients, and you will mostly see quick healers, in terms of day, not weeks.


I am not a doctor. The opinions and comments are of my own.


HT with Dr. Cooley on Nov 20, 2008

2097 grafts, 3957 hairs

Proscar, 1.25 mg daily, skip the 5th day, started Nov 2007


My Hair Loss Blog - Hair Transplant with Dr. Cooley

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Get back to work, man! Tell your coworkers you've got a viral infection or something.


My procedure was finished Thursday at 6:30 p.m. and I went in to my office on Monday at 11:00 a.m. I have a secretary and I'm sure she noticed something was up. But, the most obvious thing was the hairline where I had old plugs removed. And I'm a diffuse thinner so my existing hairs covered mine as well.

100? 'mini' grapfts by Latham's Hair Clinic - 1991 (Removed 50 plugs by Cooley 3/08.)

2750 FU 3/20/08 by Dr. Cooley


My Hair Loss Website - Hair Transplant with Dr. Cooley


Current regimen:

1.66 mg Proscar M-W-F

Rogaine 5% Foam - every now and then

AndroGel - once daily

Lipitor - 5 mg every other day

Weightlifting - 2x per week

Jogging - 3x per week


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You really do have a crusty head Buba, scar is looking real good though...mine is itching as well, hard to itch with the staples there though.


New2thissite - good to hear, your pics are looking good, just some post op redness which is to be expected



My Hair Loss Website - Hair Transplant with Dr. Feller


Dr Feller Jan '09 2000 grafts


Dr Lorenzo Dec '15 2222 grafts

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A lot of the discussion about how soon can I go back is dependent on comfort levels. If someone put a gun to our head we could have all gone back to normal activities pretty quickly! My advice is take off as much time as you can so that you are closer to looking "normal" when you do go back. Although there are certain factors which effect redness and shockloss it is impossible to predict accurately how much you will suffer from either or both.

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We do lots of frontal triangle cases. What I say is based on our use of small blades, lots of vasoconstriction in recipient regions, and shaving of hair in the recipient region.


We generally ask guys not to get a haircut for at least a month prior to frontal triangle surgery, that way they can "bushy" the hair up and cover the transplanted area after a few days.


Next, I am adamant that patients not use aspirin, advil, any vitamins, herbs, or supplements for 10 days preop. That makes a HUGE difference in even small amounts of bleeding intraop and oozing postop. That limits crustiness.


Third, we ask patients to be very careful for 4 days postop, then go ahead and scrub with increasing vigor, in the recipient region. Nevertheless, I would guess that 80% of patients are pretty crusty in the recipient region at day 7 when they get their sutures out. As I have posted here, I send them home to shower and scrub all of that off. With rare exception, they look really quite good after that shower.


So I advise frontal triangle patients to take a week off, and if they leave their hair bushy, that they can likely pull off the procedure unless closely inspected by coworkers after a week. That is not a guarantee, but it is pretty consistent for our folks.


Dr. Lindsey McLean VA

William H. Lindsey, MD, FACS

McLean, VA


Dr. William Lindsey is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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I was a nw 6 and on my first transplant I went back in ten days. No one really knew but it looked like I had a bit of a burn on my head. I was apprehensive because of a repair done to my crown but when a very "in your face" co-worker said-hey you relly got a short haircut-I knew I was home-free. On my second, which was completed about 17 days ago I returned on a Monday, after having the procedure the previous Monday. I was very good at washing and did avoid all aspirin, vitamins, etc. to keep the blood down and no one seems to notice anything. I also have hair to cover the procedure for the most part. If they notice anything it is that my hair is longer than usual but I will be getting a good cut this weekend to even things out in the donor strip area.

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I was back to work after 7 days!

1600 grafts FUT Mr May (UK) Sept 1996




1600 grafts FUT Mr May (UK) February 1998




2475 grafts FUT Dr Mohammed Humayun Mohmand (Pakistan)


27th January 2009




3550 Total Grafts (3000 rear donor area & 400 from beard and 150 breast area) FUE & PRP Treatment with Dr Emrah Cinik (ISHRS), Istanbul, Turkey. 10th October 2017




My Blog & Hair loss website story:



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