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Hello Everyone!


This site has been so informative and helpful to me in researching and deciding to move forward with a HT procedure. I had my 1st HT yesterday, 4/6/16, and wanted to share my journey to help others out there who were in the same position as me.


A little background about my history. The men in my family all have that 'M' hairline, or a NW3. I remember as a young kid, my relatives telling me I had the family hairline. Fortunately back then I had pretty great hair, but I knew it wouldn't last. By the time I was 16 or 17, my hairline was high, but I wouldn't say I was balding. I kept my hair fairly long until I was about 21, partially for style and partially to disguise my hairline. When I cut it, I knew it was high, but as long as I could style it, I wasn't overly bothered. Fast-forward to when I was about 24 and I knew I was losing my hair. It slowly got worse, but none of my close friends or family made mention. Then one day, my girlfriend (now fiancee') and I were talking and she said, "you know what it is a bit higher than when we met". It was then that I knew I would make the jump for surgery.


Between then and now, I was moved to the Bay Area for work, and I found this website and the work of Dr. John Diep. After seeing some of this results and meeting with him, I decided that he was the guy for me. A lot of people have made mention about him being cocky, or not having great bedside manner; I think he is a proud man, and is just being honest. It may rub some the wrong way, but he certainly means well.


So, after having my initial consultation with the Dr. I decided that I wanted to get the FUT procedure. I keep my hair a bit longer, and I've never had issues scarring (after other surgeries and a life of playing hockey). When he told me the yield was typically a bit better I was sold, and made the arrangements to set it up. A few weeks later, I got a call to see if I was able to move the procedure up, which made me very happy.


The procedure: Dr. Diep typically does 1 FUT and 1 FUE per day. Being the FUT patient, I arrived bright and early at 5:30am, filled out some paperwork and was led to the back for prep. Shortly thereafter, Dr. D and I sat down, he drew my hairline, gave me some meds and off we went. To be honest I vaguely remember him removing the donor area, and I woke up a bit confused. I can't recall if he was making the transplant incisions or stitching my donor up. I blame this on the drugs.


I dozed off again, and woke up around 10:30am. At this point, his team of technicians were implanting the grafts. I watched some Netflix, talked a little to the techs, and then it was time for lunch. After a brief lunch break, two new techs came in to finish up the procedure. Dr. D came in gave me some more local anesthesia and on we went. It was pretty uneventful from there. The two afternoon techs were very friendly and made the procedure easy for me.


From there I was given some post-op instructions, and since I'm local told to come back for the next three days for washes. The Dr. gave me propecia, an antibiotic and some other drugs to help with sleep and pain. I am not typically a back-sleeper, so the first night was tough, but I took some naps on day 1.


My head is somewhat swollen in the forehead and temples, with minor discomfort, but nothing bad. The donor area is lacking full sensation still, so it's not bothering me too much at this point.


Attached are some photos. I apologize in advance for the lighting. Also, Dr. D cut some of my "baby" hairs out of my hairline, so it actually looks a bit worse than it did pre surgery.


I'll try to update consistently. Enjoy!




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Congrats on your new procedure, I'm glad to see Dr. Diep is making improvements in the consultation process and pre-surgery. The work looks very clean I'm sure you will be very pleased at 12 months.

I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

My Hair Transplant Journey

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Day 2:


Rather uneventful. I was able to get a nice sleep with the help of the medication last night. I woke up with a minimal pain amount of pain in the donor area, which was surprising. Having seen all the pictures and stories of other FUT's, I was expecting some serious discomfort. Instead, it's all aesthetic pain, with my current haircut.


I went into Dr. Diep's office for my second cleaning, that took about 10 minutes and off I was back home to relax. My head is slightly swollen, but dissipating as it travels down my head. There has been some minor itching, but I'm too scared to touch the transplant sight, so I suppose I will just wait it out.

I'm definitely looking forward to taking a normal shower and styling again.


Does anyone know when you can actually style and put some light product in the hair? I'm definitely waiting until after the sutures come out and after I can take normal showers, but just wondering what those of you that have been through this have done.

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Day 3:


Went to the doctors office for my last wash over there. As they have been throughout the process, Dr. Diep's office was extremely friendly and helpful.


I still haven't had a night of continuous, full sleep, but I have been getting plenty of rest. When you have a nice amount of medicine and the body is recovering, it is much easier to sleep on a 45 degree angle.


As for the hair...the transplanted hair looks nice, almost as if it has grown a tiny bit. I know it will fall out, but I wish it wouldn't! The transplanted hair is beginning to itch a little bit more, but it is still bearable. My face is also swollen, but since I haven't really been going out, it doesn't bother me much.


Lastly, the donor area seems to be healing nicely. I really haven't felt a ton of pain in the area, and have been keeping it lathered up with the ointment.


Here are some more pics from day 3.





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Thanks for keeping us photographically updated! Just want to ask, does the scar hurts while sleeping or you use neck pillow?


No, the scar hasn't bothered me at all. The pillow Dr D's office gave me was a pic more rigid and uncomfortable, so I just took my girlfriends memory foam neck pillow and that has been perfect. I'm starting to think that my lack of discomfort/pain from the donor area/scar is an exception to the norm.


That said, I haven't been applying a lot of direct pressure or contact to the site, but even when I do, it isn't painful. I definitely would recommend one of the memory neck pillows.

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I'm a week out here, and ask the redness and swelling have dissipated, I noticed some patches, or even streaks, where there are no grafts. There seem to be more on the right side of my head. I'm not sure if this is by design, or if grafts are beginning to fall out, but I'm a little concerned how this will impact the final result. I feel like it's still early for grafts to be coming out, since today is day 7. What do the good people of the forum think? Here are some pics:






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I'm pleased to hear that our community has been helpful in providing you with the information and support you need to find a quality surgeon and undergo hair transplantation. Dr. Diep sure does outstanding work and your pictures are a demonstration of this. I look forward to following your progress and hope that you return to post monthly updates.


Best wishes,



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