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12 month follow up for 4271 graft procedure with Dr. Brandon Ross

Guest Dr. Brandon Ross

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Guest Dr. Brandon Ross

This mid 30's y/o male patient had a 4271 follicular unit graft procedure performed with all of the grafts transplanted to the front 1/2 of his scalp.

Follow up pictures are at 12 months post-op.











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Wow. That's a mop up there. Nice density for sure.

Dr. G: 1,000 grafts (FUT) 2008

Dr. Paul Shapiro: 2,348 grafts (FUT) 2009 ~ 1,999 grafts (FUT) 2011 ~ 300 grafts (Scar Reduction) 2013

Dr. Konior: 771 grafts (FUT) 2015 ~ 558 grafts (FUT) 2017 ~ 1,124 grafts (FUE) 2020

My Hair Transplant Journey with Shapiro Medical Group

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Looks solid, he's definitely hugely improved. Would like to see a few more shots w/o flash, though, if you have them (post-op to show how far back the 4300 went, a top-down, and a full hairline exposed)


*A Follicles Dying Wish To Clinics*

1 top-down, 1 portrait, 1 side-shot, 1 hairline....4 photos. No flash.

Follicles have asked for centuries, in ten languages, as many times so as to confuse a mathematician.

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