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i probably shouldnt be using this to conceal...

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im 25 and have started on finasteride (5mg) about 2 months ago in hopes that it will work. in the mean time ive been using a black magic marker to cover up my new bald spot but am wondering if there are toxins in the marker that could actually make the balding worse..

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Seriously? :confused:


I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty confident the number of solvents in magic markers aren't good for your skin anywhere, at all- particularly to conceal hair loss!!


You might want to try dermmatch, it's quite popular and easy to use, it gives the same coating of the scalp but probably will be a little closer to your hair colour than magic marker!


Another approach is to use something like Nanofibres or Toppik. These are keratin fibres- like hair, that atttach to what hair you have left and make it much thicker, and look like you have more hair. They're my personal favourite and a pretty neat solution to the problem.


There's also loads of info on here about concealers, hair styles, & treatments, please stop using a marker pen!!!

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If you ask me, i would say anything that makes you happy and confident from within....You can have the best looking car or the best hairline in the world but if you are not happy from within, it will ultimately reflect on your personality...I think the key is to have confidence, great personality and a sense of humour. If you have these three attributes (hair or no hair) nothing else will matter

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