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My experience with Dr. Hakan Dogany (AHD) Jan 2nd 2015

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Hello all,


I'm sharing my experience with Dr. Hakan Dogany two weeks after my FUE procedure. I'll try to make it short and fruitful :). After searching for such a long time I decided to call AHD and reserve an appointment with Dr. Hakan Dogany. I sent my pic's and I was informed that I'll approximately need 2000 grafts. My arrangement and booking was done with Muslum ( Dr. Dogany Rep). I arrived one day before my appointment which was on January 2nd 2015 and Muslum was waiting for me at the airport. I was taken to the hospital in a private room. Next day I met with the doctor and he was very welcoming and decided on the final number of grafts (2000) he then designed the hairline. Immediately after that, the extraction procedure started and took about 2 hrs. I then had a lunch break followed by the implant procedure that took also approximately 2 hrs. Everything was very comfortable except for the local anesthesia (a bit painful in the beginning) next day I met with the doctor again for a quick check and hair wash. I spent three days after that in Antalya and the team was very supportive as I was coming their for washing.


After two weeks now I feel very much good about the whole experience and that I selected the right doctor. I'm also very happy about the healing, about 4 days after my procedure the donar area as well as the recipient area were hardly noticeable. However, I can't really say anything about the result since I need to wait I guess for at least 6 months to see the growth progress and that also differ from one person to another. Finally, from my experience so far I believe that Dr. Dogany is very excellent and his staff are all wonderful.

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Congratulations! Look forward to updates.

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