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  1. really Dr. Feller their are "SOME" FUE posts here by patients and their negative or incomplete? really? that made me LOL!!!!! the only ppl posting here that have negative results are the FUT patients who have disfiguring scars and therefore NOW need FUE to repair them so get ur facts straight before you make a fool out of urself and post nonsense like that. a drop in the bucket? wow talk about giving misleading and inaccurate information cause someone feels threatened by FUE. well lets look at the facts here. on the "Hair Restoration Results Posted by Patients" page there are 19 thread
  2. actually its for doctors with limited skill looking for a machine to do they work they can't do themselves.... there is a reason the TOP surgeons on the planet don't use it.... and no Bernstein is not considered a TOP hair transplant doctor.
  3. ur right everyone is flocking to Mexico for HT's these days. TROOLS like you end up learning the hard way but good luck..... cause ur gonna need it.:rolleyes:
  4. its pretty common. few ppl are going to fly to Europe to just get a consult in person. thats wat the internet is for. ur surgeon can tell u wat ur donor area looks like from a picture of video.
  5. this coming from the brain surgeon who thinks Mexico is the place to go for a hair transplant..... dude plz stop from commenting on anything wen u think Mexico is the go-to place for a HT smh....:rolleyes:
  6. David they don't produce large FUE procedures which is a sign of their lack of skill and their prices are outrageous! show me the examples of this clinic doing 4000-5000+ FUE procedures? ur top clinics around the world demonstrate their skill with FUE by not only performing small procedures but large ones as well? and being recommended isn't the end all be all we all know that. I mean look at Cohen from CT. he is recommended here yet his work is terrible! he is another one who can't produce large FUE results. in fact, I've never seen more then 2500 FUE grafts from him. he like many ot
  7. if there so great then why do ppl from the US fly to Europe vs. Mexico? Mexico is far cheaper and closer. Bosley has been around since 1974 so wats ur point? u think because of that everyone shud go there? Bosley constantly turns out bad hair transplants but because of ignorance and marketing and price ppl go there. then they realize they shud hav done more research like you need to do....:rolleyes: I know u want to go there because its dirt cheap and ur thinking ur gonna get a great HT and save lots of money. well, ull certainly save lots of money..... but then ull spend twice as much f
  8. FUT methods are stronger and better then FUT? lol is that wat ur surgeon told u? thats completely false. so the FUT method is better yet u still opted for 500 FUE grafts. that makes no sense. if thats ur theory then u shud hav used more grafts from the strip. the scar may not be visible now but wat happens wen ur hair thins out? ur already thinning back there.
  9. unfortunately the only real down side to strip is the disfiguring scar it leaves many so its IMPOSSIBLE to ignore and its impossible to say which patient will develop such bad scaring. I hear it all the time a poor strip scar is from a poorly sutured head. thats utter BS! some ppl are just inclined to have a scar that stretches no matter how good the enclosure is. FUE leaves no one with disfiguring scars and Lorenzo's hairlines are too high. but where are all the FUE results from Dr. Feller. see lots of strip but can't remember the last time I seen an FUE case from him. Feller postin
  10. so ur surgeon performed surgery on ur head and didn't have the tools he needs to do the job and in the process he is ruining ur grafts. plz tell us who ur surgeon is so we can all avoid him!!!!!!!
  11. there are far better and cheaper choices. you haven't done enough research yet.... keep searching. and their prices are comical.
  12. that post made me LOL.... Mexico huh? sorry dude nothn ignorant or uneducated about that. here's a news flash for ya..... aint no one goin to Mexico for hair transplants these days for a reason..... smarten up!
  13. never heard of him. I'm confused which pics are before and which are after? ur pretty thin in ur donor area which is why FUT is not a wise choice imo. ur covering a huge area and 3000 grafts isn't gonna do it for you. you need another 3000 grafts. ur not even at the shedding phase yet so to tell u how it looks or will look is impossible to say at this point. that group sounds like another Bosley. I don't see any before and after pics and have never heard of that group either. plastic surgeon who moonlight as hair transplant doctors shud be avoided like the plague! and ur not a NW2
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