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Considering FUE this summer (got FUT before)

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Hi all


I am considering FUE this sommer. See pictures for donor area 1. picture) and hairloss grade (2. picture). My hairloss has settles. I am 35. My father had the same amount of hairloss as I do know.


So, I got 2 FUT by Dr. Kolazinski in Poland. He sucks by the way. Hi did a OK job with the little that grew, but little did I know at that time (6-10 years ago), that 1000 grafts was a small amount for FUT. Anyway got 1000 grafts at the first procedure and at the next procedure he wanted to cut another strip but I said "hell no!" and made him use the old scar which he removed doing second procedure. I think second procedure was a waste of money. No real improvement and I think he only got around 500 grafts or so.


In the mean time the market on FUE is looking very good, that is why I am considering this option. I have consulted a few surgeons from this board hereunder Dr. Konier (found me eligible for FUE), Dr. Hakan (ound me eligible for FUE), Dr. Batthier (found me eligible for FUE) and Dr. Erdogan, ASMED (did not want to do the procedure because scarring from previous procedures shots down blood supply which yields poor growth ratios in his opinion, which I find a bit strange considering the tiny and spred out not very dense procedures I got compared to others).


So, more info coming. I have worn - still do - a hairpiece for several years. This has some benefits, but the front hairline can be a struggle to simulate - and I have had it with it. So, I want to get the hairline, templepoints and a bit in the crown and on my old FUT scar (but that is not sooo important. I have outlined the area for surgery on third picture.


I and the Dr?s have assessed I?ll be looking at somewhat 1000-2500 grafts.


By the way, how does my donor area look like regarding the FUE procedure?


I have also attached a close up regarding the front which made ASMED decline (picture 4)


Ah... Finally also attached a picture from 2-3 years ago when I used the transplanted hair as s compliment to the hairpiece (lpicture 5)


1 note on the hairline I am getting. I don?t need it to be soft. I am also going to comb my hair to one side (se last picture - picture 6). So I don?t need a super duper soft perfect hairline, I just need more hairs so that I can cover up the edge of the hairpiece (as I did on picture 6)


Also, I love this site:)







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I hope you keep documenting your journey.


But many cases come around like this on the board.


Here is an fut with the same principle that Dr. Konior did. It was fut but it can give you an idea.



I am an online representative for Dr. Raymond Konior who is an elite member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.

View Dr. Konior's Website

View Spanker's Website

I am not a medical professional and my opinions should not be taken as medical advice.

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grown out... not really sure. Long time since I let it. Just started propecia 1mg/day and is getting priorin next week. I am going to strengthen my hair for the procedure and have this regime going for life know that propecia has gotten so much cheaper. Still not settled on who I should use? As I said before my hairloss has settled.


I am going to turkey or india. That I know. Also the procedure must be in the beginning of July.

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Hi Spanker.


I will document everything if there is an interest. The more people that tune in to help and comment, the more documentation and effort will go into this tread - naturally. I am very exited, as I am confident on the procedure - just not sure on which dr. Konior is out of the question (to expensive for me - but such a nice guy and incredible helpful and quick to response, I can?t praise him enough for taking the time to do that).


Spanker, I have seen many great cases that combines hairpiece and HT - also the one you mention.

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I don?t know about Rogaine (minoxidil). Not really sure how to combine such a regime with wearing a piece that comes of every 4-5 day:) Tryed it for two years once - have no idea what and if it did anything.


By the way (sorry for asking all these questions at once) I have seen the tread with the twince where one took duta?s. Is Propecia 1mg fine or should one buy dutas instead? I can get propecia through my dr., but not dutas as it is not a drug that gets prescribed for mpb.

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