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what shoud we ask a Doctor before hair transplant

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More importantly, imo, is what you ask patients. This forum may not be perfect, but I believe if you put it out there; you'll get the good, bad and ugly on any physician out there.


That's what I would be more concerned with. And then, when you narrow your search down to 2 or 3 based on reputation. Then you can decide what questions to ask the doctors

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Dwayne is right. The doctor is scientifically trained and capable of making objective decisions (because your decisions may be more subjective) based on questions HE is supposed to ask you; questions which may be:


1.your goals (long-term and short-term),

2.the current level of hair loss,

3.the worse-case-scenario level of hair loss,

4.the hair supply versus demand,

5.donor hair density,

6.follicular density,

7.scalp laxity,

8.hair shaft diameter,

9.wave/curl of the hair,

10.hair/skin contrast,

11.whether or not a patient is on an oral or topical therapy to retard hair loss, etc.

12.family history of hairloss


and I'm sure there are many others.

take care...



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Here are my personal questions (and some notes at the end):




1. Do you practice Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Transplantation or some outdated technology of mini-grafting?

2. How long have you personally practiced hair transplants?

3. What are your qualifications (academic and industrial) do you possess for this career field?

4. Are you a member of the Coalition of Hair Transplant Surgeons, ISHRS, ABHRS, etc.?

5. How many hair transplant surgeries have you performed?

6. May I see some photo catalogues showing the work that you have done previously?

7. How many technicians do you have working as support staff?

8. How long have your technicians been in your employ?

9. What are their qualifications to become a hair technician?

10. What is the best hair restoration strategy to pursue, in the event I progress to NW7?

11. Can we measure the density of my hair, in the donor region, with a densitometer and gauge what my hairloss will be ultimately like?

12. Do you have sterile facilities with autoclaves for sterilization?

13. Do you have back-up generators in the event of power failure?

14. Do you use custom-cut blades or needles to make incisions?

15. Do you dissect the donor strip under high microscopic magnification?

16. What other surgical devices do you use during the surgical procedure?

17. How do you want to pursue the re-construction of my hairline?

18. Where, how, and why do you make your sagittal and lateral slits?

19. How will you ???re-densify??? the native atrophic region? (i.e. how will you implant the 1, 2, 3, 4, follicular units throughout the top ?? to 2/3 of my scalp? ???forward weighting??? , ???side weighting???)

20. How will you extract/excise the donor strip? (Be careful of multibladed devices)

21. What type of closure method is used? (Trichophytic)

22. What type of suturing/stapling is done?

23. What sort of post-operative care/instructions do you offer to patients?

24. Are you capable of crown restoration and ???swirl??? construction?


I personally believe that it is important for the surgeon/clinic TO BE AS TRANSPARENT as possible in dealing with their patients, and to this end, supply them with ALL the necessary scientific information, and latest surgical procedures, before hand, to empower them to make informed decisions.


Twelve Common Pitfalls in Follicular Unit Transplantation


1. Operating on patients that are too young or prior to medical therapy

2. Failing to identify low donor density prior to surgery

3. Failing to identify a tight scalp

4. Harvesting a donor strip that is too wide

5. Placing the donor incision too low or too high

6. Using a multi-bladed knife

7. Crushing grafts during insertion

8. Allowing grafts to dry

9. Placing the frontal hairline too far forward

10. Creating a hairline that is too broad

11. Angling hair in the wrong direction

12. Attempting to cover an area that is too large

take care...



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than q so much for the information given .


i have few more droughts regarding the same .


I m suffering from MPB. now i m in 3rd stage.Is it a ideal stage to do the hair transplant?


how can i stop the hair fall. Currently i m using FINAX(Finasteride) which is available in indian market . and what more i need to have along with it to control my hair fall.


what diet should i need to have.

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mmhce, good job that is an excellent roster of questions.

veeru, Finasteride is definitely the most efficacious therapy, fallowed by topical minoxidil 5% twice per day, and also nizoral 2%. The addition of these topical agents can have synergistic benefit, with probable more complete DHT blockade.As for diet, here is a link to an article:http://www.arochahairrestoration.com/en/art/99/

Please copy and paste unto your browser if not active.

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Dr.Bernard, That was really a great information from you. so i need to use Finasteride life long?

sir, is there any scalp Exercise which i need to do to for increasing my blood circulation on the scalp.Is there any ideal length of the hair do i need to maintain (most of the people say shorter is stronger).how can i stop my hair becoming Dry.

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Thanks. Probably not, I think that within the next ten years we will have hair multiplication available. Then you could go get all the follicles you want without touching your donor. Scalp exercises are good to increase the laxity only, hair loss is not related to scalp circulation. There are many good conditioners to use on your hair, Procyte makes a good one.

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Dr. Arocha - What do you recommend to your patients to use as a DHT blocker if they have expierienced side effects with Propecia?


Would taking propecia 3x a week help with side effects and still give some protection?


Thanks in Advance

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