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  1. Thanks Bald36 for viewing and commenting! We love both the coverage that Trico-pigmentation can yield when combined with state of the art hair restoration. Also it can make thin areas appear much thicker.
  2. bunsenburner, Video like sculpture permits a view around the subject. The dynamic comb through shows how natural and full the result really is. Thanks for watching and for your kind words.
  3. chrisdav, Love video, it allows for a 360 view examination, and the dynamic comb through examination of how the hair lays down. It also allows a better examination of donor scars. Thanks!
  4. Thanks hairthere, enjoyed your visit to our clinic very much! I always tell him that he now looks to have Kennedy hair, and he laughs. As if hair loss is not bad enough, a hair transplant that looks like one is even worst!
  5. Thanks voxman for taking the time to view, comment and post on Arocha Hair Restoration's video. Have a great day!
  6. Bald36, Shaving the recipient area is never necessary, I have only done it twice on patient request. I like to work with high power surgical loupes to increase the density while restoring the hair with precision to create the most natural result. Agreed that the video shows the fine detail most since it is like sculpture, allowing us to examine it in multiple angles. It also permits a dynamic examination as the hair is combed through, we may see how it falls. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/184403-hd-video-dr-arocha-showing-2400-fut-case.html Thanks for taking the time to view a
  7. ontop, David-moderator, mania1, and Pete-from-Farjo: Thank you all for taking the time to view, and for your kind words about our video of our 2400 FUSS result! Happy Labor Day holiday!
  8. Congratulation Dr. Farjo and staff, Looking very natural and full, your patient must be very happy!
  9. hairthere (Erik): Thank you for your kind words! Had a wonderful Independence day. Such a nice kudos from an experienced member of the HTN community is much appreciated! We look forward to your upcoming visit in September!!
  10. Hello HTN community, Happy July 4th to all! God Bless America, we are still young, the best is yet to come! We can do it!! The bottom line, you cannot rely on one procedure or one tool to create Hair Restoration Excellence! During the donor harvest we obtain the raw material to perform our hair restoration art works! Have fun, be safe!!!
  11. Thank you Bill-Managing Publisher, We are very happy that our patient has one less thing to worry about. Life can be stressful enough! By the way I appreciate your kind words about the kind of job my team and I perform on our patients- we take our job seriously!
  12. Nice improvement with surgery and medical therapy! Kudos to the whole Farjo team!
  13. harryforreal and ArochaHair, LOL, I almost fractured a rib! How could I forget the Home Depot test? 911fan and hairthere: We at Arocha Hair Restoration appreciate your kind words and you taking the time to view and comment on our patient results!
  14. Hello Scooter, Your hair is looking great! Can you please call the office, I would like to talk and visit.
  15. hairthere, and David-Moderator: I have always appreciated your dedication to viewing patient results, and your kind kudos are very much appreciated! Have a great weekend!
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