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Really want to put some grafts in my crown....

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Hi guys,


I have a HT with Dr Feriduni in December and he has estimated about 3500 grafts to the front to restore some of my crappy hairline.


However, it is my crown that really bothers me and today someone at work commented on it :mad:


I have recently resumed Finasteride again (approx 10 months) after dropping it for some 3.5 years and have been pumping my crown with all sorts of minoxidil but it does not seem to respond.


With me committing to fin long term, would there be any issue with the doc adding say 300-500 grafts just to give a bit more coverage at the back of the head or would it be a waste and not make a noticeable difference? Or....to the un/trained eye, does it look like it may continue expanding and I am better off leaving it alone?


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Hmm, it looks more like the rear of your mid-scalp than the back crown but could be just how you've parted/styled your hair.


Are you saying Fin is not working at all after 10 months?

I would have some grafts transplanted there to save you from having to undergo another procedure, but would also consult with Dr. Feriduni first.

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Unbiased advice and opinions based on 25 plus years of researching and actual experience with hair loss, hair restoration via both FUT & FUE, SMP, scalp issues including scalp eczema & seborrheic dermatitis and many others


HSRP10's favorite FUT surgeons: *Dr. Konior, *Dr Hasson, Dr. Rahal

HSRP10's favorite FUE surgeons: *Dr. Konior, *Dr. Bisanga, Dr. Erdogan, Dr. Couto

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Good choice in surgeon. I would ask him to put a bit in there so it doesn't bother you after you've had your operation. By doing that, it can delay you from going for a second operation if you just have some grafts put in the mid scalp/top of crown the first time round. I would.


As for that person at work- don't take it too much to heart. I used to get comments all the time & still did recently. "Nice combover", "you're going bald hahahaha", "you need a hair transplant", "you're thinning". Just some comments that have been thrown at me over the years. Stay strong ;)


Hope you have a good result & keep us posted for sure.

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