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Hair Broken From Transplanted Area (6 Months) in Shower !

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Hey Guys,


Though after 6 months and 10 days of My Hair Transplant I kinda know how things go, but there was this incident that happened with me which is kinda freaking me out. Today I was wearing a Cap after I came back home my hair were all entangled in each other because of wearing the cap, and without getting it straight I went in directly for a shower and while I was having a shower I kinda forcibly was moving my hair backwards from my forhead with a little force and while I was doing this, couple of my hair got broken from the transplanted area.


My questions is do I need to worry about this Hair broken I did not see any bulb along with it or no nothing, just plain strands of hair. Will these Hair Grow Back ? or are they lost forever ?


I am freaking out guys :eek: Please comment.


Thanks in Advance !

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Don't panic. These are transplanted hairs you are referring to, so they will come back. It's normal for some to fall out & grow out again in time. 6 months post op means there's no element of losing them now. It's only the first 10 days when they're not anchored properly as yet.

Just enjoy the growth phase.

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6 months?! you're safe... 10 days is the magic number where you might be worried about losing the tansplanted grafts..

you're okay!

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they will grow back, just be careful not to do it repeatedly in the same area and be gentler in the future

go dense or go home


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