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5537 grafts over 15 years, final results; Dr. Mike Beehner

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This man first came to our clinic at the age of 53 in 1999 and has had three sessions over that time, the last one being a little over one year ago. He would be a shiny-bald Norwood VI today had he not been transplanted. During those three sessions he has received 5537 grafts, of which 4467 were FU grafts and 1070 were MFU grafts. A total of 13,957 hairs have been moved during that time.

Mike Beehner, M.D.













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Seriously, great job! I love these results over long periods of time. He may not look younger than 15 years ago, but he looks more attractive. You did a lot for this guy. "Shield" work at its best.

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Looks like a big improvement, but the full extent of the result is very much so not clear. In the after pictures he is sporting an immaculate combover. This is like showing off a house, without letting anyone look inside. For all we know you could have only transplanted hairs on the far right side of his head, and there could be nothing under his combover.


Also the before and afters are an apples to oranges comparison. Yes, he didn't have a whole lot of hair up top to start with, but if it had been styled with the same combover technique his starting hair situation would have looked a lot more favorable. This is like in infomercials when they show something in black and white to indicate it's "bad", then show something in color with sparkles to indicate it's "good". You emphasized his hairloss, then styled his hair perfectly and put a sparkle on it to show us his result.

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