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FUE by Dr Reddy - Hair: 6133; Grafts: 2031, Norwood 3a

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Very nice. Good to see those 2,000 grafts used well into the mid-scalp. Looks great.

It is important to know for prospective patients that this guy has course, way hair with low contrast and a hair ratio of almost 3.1, which is WAY above average. This guy is the perfect storm as a candidate (pretty much everything going for him that he can have going for him) and most candidates should not expect to get this kind of result for 2000 grafts.


All I have going for me is very good laxity and being a fairly low NW level at the moment. I have fairly high contrast, straight hair, medium caliber, etc. No, I am not the perfect candidate, but not a bad one either. Most of us will fall into this category. This guy hit the lotto (with the exception of having MPB in the first place), which is why he was able to get a result like that and have grafts available to the midscalp and still produce a good result, IMO.

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