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FUT vs FUE for restoring hairline

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Which technique is better for restoring hairlines? I heard that FUT is better for restoring hairlines.


I would choose this as my goal is to restore my hairline, but I am worried about the scar. I would like to buzz my hair from time to time without worrying about a huge scar on the back of my head?


What have you heard? FUT better for restoring hairlines?


Here are a couple pics of my hair loss. I want to fill in the temple areas and move my hairline down.



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how old are you, 24? you may want to put off a HT until your 30's, as your loss is not so severe.


consult with a hair restoration physician as a first step.

and as you seem to only need work in the temples and wish to buzz you hair then I would go with manual FUE with a recommended surgeon on this forum, if you do decide to procede

go dense or go home


Unbiased advice and opinions based on 25 plus years of researching and actual experience with hair loss, hair restoration via both FUT & FUE, SMP, scalp issues including scalp eczema & seborrheic dermatitis and many others


HSRP10's favorite FUT surgeons: *Dr. Konior, *Dr Hasson, Dr. Rahal

HSRP10's favorite FUE surgeons: *Dr. Konior, *Dr. Bisanga, Dr. Erdogan, Dr. Couto

(*indicates actual experience with doctor)

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FUE allows for cherry picking different caliber grafts and specific hair quantities. For hairlines, having single-hair follicles is vital for a natural appearance and FUE allows for the surgeon to target only those single-hair follicles in the donor. FUE allows for targeting grafts that are of a finer caliber from areas that strip cannot venture into also. I would personally for FUE for a case like yours but being 24 is very young.. I would reconsider given that or donor hair is finite regardless of whether we choose strip or FUE... Proceed with caution.

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