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just had ht with Dr Hakan Doganay in Turkey

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Hello everyone I flew from California to Antalya to have a ht with dr hakan Doganay, its been such a blessing for me to finally have this done, i have lived with hair loss for about 12 years now and it had always been a very dramatic experience.


To get to the point, I had this surgery today march 6th 2014, talking back and forth with the doctors stuff we had decided i needed about 4000 grafts to cover all area, unfortunately when the doctor saw me my donor was very weak and they were only able to take 1500 from back of the head and 1000 from beard. The procedure took about 6 hours.


i have a short buzz cut about 1.5 all around, very short and i plan on keeping it this way, i had talked to the doctor about scalp micro pigmentation for me, he said this would be a very good idea because of my hair type, i will show some pictures here.


His clinic was also able to connect me with a professional make up artist she also performs micro pigmentation and she came to see me, the doctor and her said after about a month i could perform this procedure, and now this is where I'm stuck and I need all you guys help i could get please!


she told me id need a retouch after about 4 to 5 years, I'm not sure what type of ink she would use on me, my question to you all: Is there a place you recommend to have this procedure done? Should I go for an ink that will last 4 to 5 years? what can you guys tell me about this, if you have any questions for me feel free to ask


thank you to all of you sincerely without this page i would've never met dr hakan, he's a true angel but i wish he was the one performing this smp, i trust him and his work.


thank you all



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pretty good check my other posts i did put some pictures on them. And I'm waiting just a lilbit more the 6th of april will be a full month, my donor area is completely healed you can not tell that anything was extracted from there which i find incredible, my beard is completely healed as well I'm very happy, specially the prices in turkey with dr Hakan Doganay are just unbeatable.


will be performing smp very soon and post pictures as well

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