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  1. Hello BFA, Honestly my experience was very similar to yours , as you know my treatment was a few days after yours and with your help and support the treatment went smoothly apart from not knowing who was actually implanting my hair , hakan was present at the start but when I came around mid surgery hakan was not there , I remember asking the nurse who replied hakan is on a break, end of surgery I remember saying to Didi I am not happy as I don't know who completed my surgery but I was so tired and drowsy I can't remember her reply. I have not raised this issue again as I have no proof , maybe hakan did complete the whole surgery with a few breaks in between but again not sure . He was a lovely man and seemed very genuine hence no doubts , so far my results are looking good after 3 months but i am expecting to see the main results in next few months and will be closely in touch with the surgery .
  2. Hi falco Hope recovery is going well , yes the aleo vera gel is very good for donor area , non alcoholic Also the scar cream given by the surgery was used but I can't really say this caused any further redness etc , I think iam healing good aart from small itchy pimples coming on , I have purchased minixidol shampoo to use from next week as advised by dr Hakan . Will keep you posted .
  3. Thanks alban , any brands I can look into ? And what is minixidol?
  4. Hi guys , Hope your all well and recovering , 14 days post op , I have ran out of the shampoo given by thevdr Hakan and wanting a replcement shampo which obviously is good fir recovery and also future hair loss I emailed the surgery and they advised me on gettin minixidol shampoo Is minixidol a subtpstance contained in the shampoo or is that what the shampoo is called ? A little confused Can anyone recommend on purchasing the right stuff? Thanks guys
  5. Hi alban How's your treatment coming on ? And did you decide to go for the smp treatment ?
  6. Hi quiff Great result mate , just wanted some advice , iam post 14 days and feel my donor area and side would look better buzzed down to grade 1 at least , would you say this is ok at 14 days ? Mp donor area is still a little itchy but seems like healing has gone well .
  7. Hi guys Aleo vera can be purchased from ebay , tried all the local uk shops ie boots , pharmacy etc all contained alcohol , searched ebay and found fruit of the world natural aleo vera . Bang on Scabs are still there after 8 days , slowly decreasing after continus washing and sliding from crown to front . I keep my hair short normally anyone know when I could buzz my hair down to sides grade 0 and top to 1? Currently 10 days post op
  8. Salaam Hope you had a great time in Antalya , I have been indoors since arriving back and also catching up on lost TV time, Think my wifes getting fed up ov seeing me home all day cooking me 7 meals a day lol:) I dont think the grafts are falling, just hair with scabs , I was told this will be expected Itching in the donor area started 2 days ago but it has calmed down a lot since using aloe vera, really helps mate Your scabs should have fallen out by now? Have you noticed any shock loss?
  9. Hi Guys, A quick update on progress - Day 7 Post Op and Donor area Pictures attached. Swelling has gone - Did not notice any huge swelling in first place as I have a huge forehead anyway Donor area scabs have all gone due to the washes Very itchy at times - Started using Aleo Vera has eased the itchyness - NON ALCHOHOLIC Scabs on head vanishing , I have seen a few grafts fall out with scabs attached , is this normal? Sleeping is normal now thank God. Still have slight heavy head but nothing major. Will keep you guys updated. Any Advice would be highly appreciated
  10. Wow what a result , how any grafts did you have mate,
  11. Hi To be honest mate after the procedure 2nd day I only wore the hat for about an hour in the restaurant , no one really cares in that country and you don't stick out like a sore thump as people are now very used ht procedures in turkey but obviously the opposite in the uk lol. I did not wear the hat on the plane , snugged into my travel pillow and slept for about hour , it was hard to sleep for first 3 days . Landed in the uk and the hat did not leave my head until I got into my car lol. Famous Hakan hat is a my souvinear from turkey lol
  12. Hi sarang Great results , looking at your treatment pre and post is very similar to mine , 4200 grafts with fue 5 days ago , recovery mode at the moment , please see my threads for more details . Have you any recent pics as your treatment was done in 2013 ?
  13. Hi falco Hope your having a good tour of Antalya, I have been home since Friday resting and recovering Thanks to your advice I was not nervous on the day of the op I will keep you posted
  14. Salaam Falcon Yes we met at the hotel , I was very nervous night before my procedure until I met falco in the restaurant who assured me no pain and everyone will fly through and it sure did . Thank you bro Keep me updated with your results also