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  1. Hi, The clinic have responded to my 10 month update and have conceded again that the result is not what they would like and are asking me to book in again at my convenience. i have informed them that i have no intention of booking in with them again as i do not wish to entrust them with my VERY limited donor. I have asked for a refund and will update the thread with their response. Sunnycool3, I do not use propecia, only use minoxodil. The clinic was aware that i could not use it due to the side effects i suffered last time.
  2. Nothing to report. The result is establishing itself as poor for the number of grafts I had. The pictures are slightly misleading as I have not cut my hair on top for two months now. I have added wet hair shots for better representation
  3. FUE2014, I gave the clinic the benefit of the doubt beforehand thinking I will see how the results turn out. 10 months in and I am very disappointed. I could not recommend this clinic to anyone and can not argue with your comments above. Today is the first time I have voiced my disappointment to the clinic about this poor result.
  4. Hi gibbsville, Considering how poor the density is in the hairline, i'd go along with that. The hairline has been the biggest disappointment - they've lowered it without any real density.
  5. Hi Yonex, Sorry for the slow reply. The clinic has already admitted the result is not what they would have hoped for. They have offered another surgery 'free' but there is no chance I am going back to them with the very limited donor I have left. I do have plans for another surgery to strengthen the hairline but only a small number of grafts. Not sure when I will do this, may well wait a while to see how may hairloss progresses so I make the best use of the remaining grafts I have left.
  6. At present i'm fairly disappointed with the result and hope that I get some further growth in the next 3 months but am not holding my breath. The hairline and midscalp in particular are weak.
  7. Hi, I took the pictures below last month but didn't get a chance to post them
  8. That's correct. I was in and out of consciousness but recall atleast two people at any one time working on me.
  9. I have heard back from the clinic regarding my progress and they have accepted that the results are not what they would expect for 7 months. They have already mentioned a free HT if the results are still lacking by 12 months - not exactly filling me with much confidence. They've also mentioned washing my hair 2-3 times a day which is highly impractical and surely not what should be expected to be done by the 7 month stage?
  10. Thanks for the reassurance, it's good to hear that you're still seeing growth from the first procedure. I've been reading your thread - good luck with your growth!
  11. Thanks, here's hoping! Will definitely be keeping the thread updated - seen too many posters just disappear without knowing the end result.
  12. It's actually only 7 months. I have emailed them my pictures today and have requested Dr Hakan comment on them as I am disappointed with the results so far. Hope to hear back from him in the next couple of days
  13. I would be interested to hear people's views on my progress so far. Am I being unrealistic with my expectations - I was expecting more at this stage.
  14. To confirm, this 4,500 procedure was done in the one day after the clinic assured me they had enough staff to ensure the turnaround would be quick enough not to effect the quality of the grafts.