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Looking at FUE soon, opinions needed on number of grafts needed

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Hi All,


Great community, already learnt loads lurking.


I am 38 years old.


I first noticed my vertex in 2009, for 2 years now I have been using rogaine 5% and for the last 15 months finasteride. I have just got some 15% minox from minoxidilmax and have started using once daily in the hope of regrowth but I think its unrealistic to expect this as the vertex has been thin for 5 years.


Could you look at my pics and give your opinion on the number of grafts needed please?


thanks very much.



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Maybe 1,500 grafts to recreate the whorl pattern. The thing is, you don't want to make that area too dense as the chances are at some point in your life the crown may expand and you may also start losing hair at the front and want to address that area.

4,312 FUT grafts (7,676 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - August 2013

1,145 FUE grafts (3,152 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - August 2018

763 FUE grafts (2,094 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - January 2020

Proscar 1.25mg every 3rd day

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I suggest 1500-1700 Follicular unit grafts in a single session. There is no mystery as to what direction to place the grafts because you still have some original hairs in all the areas that will be transplanted. You have a road map still there for the doctor to follow.

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Measure the size of the area and get the cm2 then multiple by 50 and that should let you know the approximate amount of grafts that you will need in order to achieve good density.

I am employed as the patient coordinator and office manager for Chicago Hair Transplant Clinic. Feel free to ask me any questions.


Dr. Panine is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians


I am not a medical professional and my opinions should not be interperted as medical advice

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