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What to do with increasing hair loss problem?


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Listen I know this is going to be hard to believe, but I was there at one point as most of us were.. Do yourself a favor and find a hairstyle u like possibly shorter, workout, take care of your body and HAVE FUN! Your young and your loss is probably only noticeable to you... We are our own worst critics. I am not saying you won't get sad about it, but learn to accept it, educate yourself on all your choices you will have in the future (meds, different haircuts, HT, SMP etc...). Like Jaywalker said look at getting on meds but seriously accept, educate, and enjoy your life right now!!!! Only thing that is wasted in life are opportunities that your didn't take advantage of, and the biggest one may be your youth, enjoy it!!!! I know its easy to say for me I'm only 32 had a HT at 26, but trust me on this... Take care

You only live once...

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If you are now witnessing progressive hair loss at the very young age of 22, this most certainly means that you are headed for an extensive balding pattern, a Norwood VI for certain, and possibly a Norwood VII. I agree that, if you have some native hair on top and hopefully aren't shiny bald already, it would be a good idea to use topical Minoxidil 5% every night and get on finasteride oral medication. You will still eventually realize your hereditary destiny, but, for many young men, these medications help you hold on to a lot of your present hair and even additionally thicken it during these socially important years (dating, school. career, self-image, etc).

The other important point is that you shouldn't rush out and get a hair transplant. If you ended up in the wrong hands and someone simply "sprayed" grafts all over the huge area that will someday become bald, it will look like nothing was done and you will not look natural later on. Assuming your donor hair is decent, most reputable hair surgeons today in 1-4 years would consider doing a "forelock" type of pattern which can frame your face and give the natural illusion of a man with hair on his head. The rear crown almost certainly will have to be let go to baldness, but with various styling patterns and a judicious use of the donor hair you have a few years from now, you still have the hope of framing your face with hair. A forelock pattern uses "gradients" of density, with the front-center portion being the densest, and the density then trailing off to the back and to the sides to mimic a natural stage many men go through in losing their hair. Thus it will never draw attention by others as looking unnatural, no matter how bald you become.

The other very good choice, especially if you have the right shape of head, is to just shave your hair and keep that look for the rest of your lives.

My bias is always more toward strip harvesting rather than FUE, but I do have to point out that I think the strip would work best for you, since the strip would give you the very best grafts in the center height of the hair you will have for life. If you spread FUE over a large area, it is very possible that a lot of those hairs will have been harvested from the lower and higher areas that will eventually thin or turn bald, and your grafted hairs will "turn into a pumpkin" and will be lost.

In summery, get on meds now, consider in a couple of years a consultation with an experienced hair surgeon concerning a forelock type procedure, and also consider the alternatives of going bald (shaved), or even obtaining a non-surgical hairpiece.

Best wishes.

Mike Beehner, M.D.

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use coconut oil with almond oil regularly. it will solve your problem for sure.



Welp, that solves it. We can all leave now.

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