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6,000 Graft Advanced FUE Restoration Performed By Dr. Umar

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This patient underwent a strip surgery at another clinic, but wanted to improve upon his results. Naturally, he had a strip scar on the back of his head and he wanted to cover this. Secondly, he also wanted to cover a large strip scar on the back of his head. Like most men who are opting for corrective repair procedures, this patient had diminished supplies of head donor follicles on his head.


A third challenge inherent with this case was the patient’s bald crown. Crown hair transplants usually require a significant number of grafts for coverage.


In order to achieve the patient’s ideal outcome, 6,000 grafts were needed.

Dr. Umar was able to acquire the required donor resources mostly from the patient’s beard area. This was done using his uGraft system of tools and techniques.


With uGraft, advanced forms of Follicular Unit Extraction can be performed. General FUE punches are more suited for head hair extractions. However, when it comes to follicles from other parts of the body, they may incur damage to these tiny organs, due to their sharp growth angles. Also, since areas like the face are highly visible, the demand for pristine healing results is particularly high. Ugraft punches make it possible to perform extractions from body, or head regions without any visible traces of scarring. And this was certainly the case with this patient.


Dr. Umar was able to improve the patient’s existing hairline. The very front edge was created with nape hairs. Again, uGraft was used to harvest these unique follicles. Nape hairs also grow at sharper angles. And since many men prefer hair styles where the back is kept very short, traces of scarring would also be cause for concern. Again with the help of uGraft, donor extractions can be carried out without leaving noticeable marks or any indications that surgery was done.


With the donor supply of 6,000 grafts, Dr. Umar was able to provide adequate restoration of the crown area.














To learn more about this patient's case, click here

Representing Dr. Umar of DermHair Clinic.


Dr. Umar is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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Dr umar clinic please post pic of this patients mandible area. I request to please post clear and zoom in view of portion from where beard hair was extracted. Make sure it is clean shaven and neck stretch and rested both position. Why their is green color background in after pic and background is normal in before op pic. Please can you take pic in same background. I mean to say please post pic with natural background.

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Can you share a photo of the U graft extraction device and explain the theory in the difference in punches?

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spanker thanks for asking this. I have been requesting umar clinic this too. Please umar clinic reply what is the device and the theory.


Note : Umar clinic please post unedited pic of patient mandible I mean to say be natural with background and well zoom in photo.

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