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Feedback from those that did not shave their head

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Hi Guys


First post.


I am 37 years old and looking to get around 2000 grafts.


I have a pretty good head of hair but receding, and slightly more on one side.


Because my hair is quite long and curly and I would say is a big part of my appearance, I am not keen to shave my head.


Doctors have said this is fine and can work around this, and actually can help hide the fact some hairs have been taken out.


I'm just keen to get any feedback from others who were at this level?



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I had 2000 to the hairline and did shave the inch or so down. My hair was long with a little curl and I wend to work the next week with no one the wiser. Just make sure you follow post op instructions to keep swelling down and you should be fine.

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The swelling is fluid (mostly saline I think) and there's not much you can do to avoid/reduce it. It will take at least 3-4 (sometimes 5) days before it fully subsides, so be prepared to look freakish.


The donor will be covered by your existing hair so there should be no issue concealing that.


Alfo, I'm an American and I had "friends" tease me about hairloss. Then one day those very same guys started to lose their hair. Guys can be dicks. It stems from their own hangups and insecurities. Don;t let it get you down. Just be patient, wait 6 more months, and if you're still unhappy alert your doctor first, get an assessment, and seek out some second opinions. Best of luck!

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I wasn't keen on the idea of shaving but it was so much easier for me to keep it clean. My swelling was terrible. Hairthere is right, nothing you can really do. Drink lots of fluid.


Dr Rahal in January 19, 2012:)

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