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3,003 FUE with Dr Jose Lorenzo (injertocapilar/FARJO hair institute)

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After being advised 2 years ago to get on propecia i succesfully stabilised my hairloss. During this period my research had narrowed my search to just the 2 FUE docs really; jose lorenzo in Madrid & christian bisanga in Belgium. It was bisanga who advised meds 2 years ago to make me a good candidate for HT.


As if by fate dr Lorenzo from injertocapilar had joined up with farjo just half an hour away in Manchester. From here I contacted Mick from Farjo, who posts on here. Top fella and had some good chats regarding outcomes and what was right for me. Mick arranged for me to meet with dr Lorenzo.


Upon my arrival I had to wait for the doc to finish a HT before my consultation and his patient was happy to show me his results. Fantastic density and i've seen on this forum now 6 weeks on that the results are looking top class already. This docs work is out there for all to see, the reviews are there, hundreds and hundreds of videos of his immaculate work and the consultation did nothing but increase my confidence that I was good hands and this was the right guy. Lorenzo explained that whilst my hairloss was extensive, the fact it was stabilised and the donor area was good meant that I could go ahead. Following this I booked my two days, and was quoted for 2,800 grafts.


Again, I liaised with mick in the build up who answered all my questions and boxed off a nice hotel round the corner from the clinic.


Wednesday this week I had to be at Farjo clinic at 7.45am and to eat 2 hours before. So up early, Maccies breakfast and off to Manchester I went. Arrived at the clinic and was checked over completed screening and given meds for the procedure. Chose my lunch and my film to watch in the afternoon part of the procedure. Lorenzo came in and instantly his confidence and banter with myself and his techs in his improving English put me at ease.


Lorenzo marked out on my head where he could take the donor hair from and then shaved this area. We then agreed a hairline and it was face down for a little sleep while he anaesthetised the donor area and proceeded to extract every graft himself. Totally pain free apart from the sharp pinch of the anaesthesia from time to time. Lorenzo had extracted 1,904 grafts by the time we had a break for lunch. One of his techs reported that I had more than average 4's which was positive.


After a quick lunch break I was back in the chair this time facing the flat screen. The only negative was that I picked to watch the life of Pi, shocking film!


Whilst Lorenzo is a nice chatty guy, when he is working and in the zone you can see how passionate and driven he is. He was putting pressure on constantly to his techs to match his high standards, and challenging them to load the implanters quicker to beat their score for the previous minute. It really was fascinating to see someone wanting to drive on his team like that to get the best results.


Every now and again had to brace myself as he would say 'anasthasia' and a sharp pinch would follow but then right back at it like a machine again. Totally pain free other than the anasthetic.


The guys work ethic is phenomenal as I've since been made aware that not all docs extract and implant every graft themselves. This in itself is indicative to his own personal need to produce the best possible results both in the donor and recipient sites. At the end of the first day I was tired, achy and a little nauseous from the sedatives and anti inflamms but in all fairness I get nauseous if I drive to the local shop! We finished for the day and myself and Lorenzo met mick for a chat downstairs.


Lorenzo had a consultation straight after we had finished with a guy who had travelled all the way over from Brazil to see him, so I felt quite blessed only travelling half an hour on the motorway for my HT! Mick dropped me off at the hotel and I slept for over 12 hours. Farjo was also working wih an ex football international. They could not disclose who it was and despite my efforts to peak around the corner I had no chance! I was tempted to 'accidentally' walk in tho haha!


Returned the 2nd day and the nurse provided me with alternative medication which stops nausea. The tech washed the donor site for me and couldn't believe how quickly I'd healed over night. Back down for the second extraction. Lorenzo explained that it would be a shorter day and again worked tirelessly and eventually took 3,003 grafts in total despite only charging me for 2,800. During the break we talked football and being an avid real Madrid fan he was happy that messi was injured and that Andres iniesta may not be signing a new contract at Barcelona!


Again when Lorenzo started implanting the grafts he was focussed, systemstic and methodical. A real genius at work, and his techs were superb as well. Second day we were finished around 3pm. I met downstairs with Lorenzo who went through all my aftercare information & gave me all the salines, meds, shampoos, pads etc.


I really enjoyed my experience and although it's only 2 days old I'm absolutely buzzing with the density and the hairline. This guy is a wizard. The Leo Messi of FUE!


Sorry for waffling on and I'll proceed to the bit y'all wanna see which is the photo's haha! Bare with me while I work out how to attach.


Hopefully mick will add some better quality ones asset taken at the clinic.

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congrats on your procedure. work looks great as usual for dr lorenzo. you seem like a higher NW, maybe a 5 or 6. i am very interested to see how much coverage dr lorenzo will get with 3000 grafts. can you post some top view pics post procedure. thanks.

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