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  1. I must say I never thought it would be possible to be able to get 9k plus grafts from my donor but with dr Lorenzo and his team my donor still looks amazing and can’t see any dots even shaved down like it is now. There management of my donor has been first class.
  2. Also I’ll put up these pics this is where my journey began in December 2014
  3. Hey all! Well I’m back in Madrid for a top up with dr Lorenzo I was due to get 800-1000 but ended up getting 1201 so in all now that takes me to a total 9054 grafts and I still have 1500 left plus beard if needed! As always dr Lorenzo and his team( I had grace this time do the extractions) we’re amazing very efficient in all around 5 hours and I was done he still implants them at amazing speed. I will attach a few pics below some just before this procedure and some now the day after the procedure. It’s been a huge journey for me but one I have enjoyed.
  4. Good to hear from you again are journeys are so similar look forward to your updates
  5. I will attach too of where I started in December 2014
  6. Hey all, Just had a 5 month check up in Madrid after my last procedure dr Lorenzo say all is as to be expected and my donor is in great shape after over 7700 grafts. I will post the pictures he took.
  7. Hi htsoon, I'd say I've had around 3500-3700 in the crown including where it dips at the back, my crown was totally bald so hard to get a good coverage but I hope when this grows in the coverage will be good. How many has your crown had now? Are you noticing some growth from your latest procedure now? Cheers pma
  8. Good question! I asked dr Lorenzo this after my last procedure and he said it's up to me so I've been on and off fin for the last two years, I'm currently back on fin and plan to stay on it for now as it will keep all the native hair I have left the best calibur possible, and stop my crown from dipping more at the back! Not sure if I will stay on it indefinitely tho!
  9. A little tip that I fell helped me was drink lots of water after procedure for at least 3 days flush your system clean to look after your new little babies good luck man
  10. Hey ht, Just had a read through from your first procedure to now really impressed with the change. We have been on very similar journeys hey? I too wanted to boost my crown and I'm about 2 months behind you on the latest top up to our crowns good luck and hope your crown fills in I'm sure it will as you hairline was amazing.
  11. Great to get updates after a few years. Looking great still! I remember reading this thread with great interest as it convinced me how good dr Lorenzo is especially with higher nw like we was.
  12. Thanks deb1982 it has been a big transformation for me and I've actually enjoyed the whole process and met a lot of people through doing these procedures. For me my best choice was fue when I first started looking into this 3-4 years ago a lot of advice I got was it was not possible to have what I wanted with fue only which was not true, when I sent my pictures across the pond to start with they came back saying only fut would give me the result I wanted!!! So glad I never jumped in as I like to have short back and sides and this would not have been possible. Anyhow I'm answer to your question I have around 1800 head grafts left and around 1500 beard so I will save these if I have any further losses down the line hopefully not for a long time 3 procedures in just over two years is enough now and need to let all the hair mature as everything is growing at all different speeds at the moment, so time to let my head rest and hair to grow. I will keep my eye out for your result as I feel it's going to be a good one . I also played semi professional football in the uk for quite some time but stopped a couple of years ago as my legs won't let me! So I get how your missing playing right now. Good luck
  13. Hi deb1982, Just had a read through all your thread and must say it's a well detailed good thread. I had the pleasure of meeting dr koray when I had my first procedure done in Spain with dr Lorenzo they are good friend and share lots of information between them so I'm positive you will get good results. Your approaching the hard part but for me I had two of my three procedures done in December in fact exactly the same time as you this time and the one good thing is January and February is a good time to look the worst as it's the quiet months of the year for heading out so much. Just a quick question I was told that after 10 days you can exercise again and I am now 25 days post and training as much as always, did dr koray tell you not to train yet or is it just you taking it safe? Anyhow good luck and happy growing in the spring! I will follow your thread with interest cheers Pma
  14. Yes wibbles I booked 6 months in advance, I think that's about the same now. Yes every graft is now 2.50 euros for me now, shame my donor is not unlimited at that price I could of had a pony tail!!!