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Am I losing more ground on my hairline/temples


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Another thread. Since being on Propecia for nine months my hair has been improving in such a short amount of time but I noticed when I had to go off it for four days due to being in the hospital for acute pancreatitis, my hair began to shed again. Right now I am in the middle of a shed, I asked the doctor if the medicine I take ciproflaxcin interfers with Propecia, he said no and I checked online and it said no too but I guess maybe going off it for that many days did this quick of damage?


I am hoping it is a shed but I don't think so to be honest. Here is a picture of my hairline/temples from month 6 and one from last night


6 and a half months (Didn't realize till now how good my hairline/temples looked there)







Now at 9 months it just seems like all this hair has dropped off or thinned out on my temples/hairline this past week.








Crown looks almost recovered icon_cool.gif


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I'm convinced you are posting your photos to make us all angry...icon_wink.gif


Ok, first off; you are not going to experience a shed because you stopped taking Propecia for four days. It's just not going to happen.


Second, I see two issues with your six month left temple shot and your nine month left temple shot. The angle you took your nine month shot makes the temple seem more recessed. Your six month shot is at roughly 90 degrees while your six month is at maybe 60 degrees. This will make the temple seem more recessed. I'm not saying it isn't, just that the photos are not matched for an accurate assessment.


In addition, in the nine month overhead shot, you have more of a direct angle to the flash on your camera. This has washed out your scalp in the image so the hairs in this immediate vicinity cannot be seen by the camera.


And so you know, Propecia is not known for working in the hairline very well. It primarily works best in the mid-scalp and crown. I have seen a few cases of the hairline being affected but I feel it is quite rare.


To sum up, you have zero issues to worry about. Stay on Propecia, don't worry too much if you miss a day here or there. Your hair looks great.

The Truth is in The Results


Dr. Victor Hasson and Dr. Jerry Wong are members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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