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2nd transplant grows slower than first? Normal?

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I know it's early and the worst thing to do is stress myself out, but I am a tad bit concerned. In March '12, I had 1700 FUT put in my almost totally bald crown, and after 4 months, there was significant growth. It was pretty thin, so I wanted to thicken it up, so in May '13, I had another 1500 grafts put in. Well, the 4 month mark has come, and I don't think I see ANY growth. In fact, it may look a tad worse than it did before the second transplant. Is this normal?


btw, there are pics in my profile page, nothing too recent though.

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Whilst every case is different, I think it's common to take longer to grow when your adding density to an area already worked on due to the scar tissue in that area, therefore the circulation is not what is once was. It is nothing to worry about but just takes longer.

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I've heard of this before. I've also heard of people reporting earlier growth. I am not exactly too sure about the reasoning behind this, but just be patient. If you have any specific questions, get ahold of your physician.

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My second transplant grew slower (and is still maturing- 12 months post op) than the first. I think some of it really does grow slower and the other aspect is that you have existing hair present making it harder to recognize any significant growth. The significant growth comes in around the 6 month mark, so until about 7/8 months, you're going to have to keep riding the slow riding train.


Shock loss might be why it looks a tad worse than before the transplant. Even at 6 months you might say.... idk about this yet.... keep waiting..... it sucks so bad I know!!! I'd wait until about the 8 month mark before I got concerned if it's not looking better than before. Even at 8 months, it might not be as thick as anticipated, but the continuing maturation takes place well after 8 months if you are indeed a slow grower.

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btw- the 500 in my hairline grew in fast and great. The crown is a wreck.



The crown always takes much longer to grow in general. My crown work took what seemed like forever to come in when compared to the grafts in my frontal scalp/hairline. You're definitely right in realizing that 6 months is still early.....and just because you had a certain growth rate/pattern in your first procedure, doesn't mean your second procedure will follow the same path. Lots of time left, so try not to be too concerned. And I'll look forward to following your updates closely!





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I am not a medical professional. All views and opinions expressed in this forum are of my own.

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