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Dry/dead skin - 5 months post op

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Alright so I'm a little over 5 months post op now and I have a few little spots of dead skin in my recipient area that feel sort of raised. It's not scabs or pimples. Most of them have made their way off usually during a shower and when they do they have about 1-4 hairs in them. Is this normal and will it affect growth at all?

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raised as in how? type cobblestoning into the find option and look at some pictures to see if its the same as me.


who did your HT and regarding dryness


get hold of a spray bottle either buy 1 or use 1 from a diffrent product, depending on the size add a tablespoon of clycerin to the spray bottle per every hundred ml so if its a 500ml bottle sprayer put 5 spoons of glycerin and the rest bottled water not tap, filterd at worst.

most spray bottles from other products are about 100ml at most


shake up well leave for 20mins and youl have a nice anti dryness spray, works a treat with no side affects to the hair as its all natural. but you will get greasy hair if you use alot, if it doesnt work just gradualy add more clycerin to the mixture untill it does. make sure you buy 100 glycerin with no addatives. its very very cheap and it may be advertised for sore throtes or cooking but its the same stuff.

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Consider you're 5 months out from surgery, it could very well be dead skin accompanied by hair shedding. To be sure it's not something else however, you may want to speak to your hair restoration physician. Also, if you can post clear photos of the areas you are concerned about, we may be able to give you a better idea.


All the Best,



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